Welcome to Thoughts in Little Boxes

Hello friends and welcome to my shiny, new blog! Unlike What Carly Hates, this blog will be a bit more relaxed and hopefully less stress inducing. But do not fear! If you enjoyed the angry rants, What Carly Hates will be relaunched shortly and in the mean time I have a right treat for you with Thoughts in Little Boxes.

Thoughts in Little Boxes will be where I share my thoughts on products, try new recipes or arts and crafts or beauty techniques and I will be completely honest with you. If I try a recipe and the instructions don’t really fit the task, I’ll tell you how it went the first time and show you how I fixed it. If I try to fishtail plait my hair with colours running through it and it looks more like a cheap halloween wig, I’ll show you and then I’ll practise and show you how it should really be done. I hate tutorials that make things look really easy and then you have a go and it looks like a three year old has had a go. At that point I generally give up and don’t try again so for you lucky people, I’m going to be honest and possibly embarrass myself so you can see the realism of the tasks and that with a little bit of time, you can make it do as it says on the tin.

But don’t forget, some will just be product reviews so even if your not interested in my “tutorials” you should get something out of it.

Join me on Twitter, “like” me on Facebook and subscribe to the blog to enjoy crafty hints and tips, tasty treats and much, much more.

The blog will be pretty and wordy next week so hold on to your hats and enjoy the ride; I’m never going nowhere…


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