Welcome to Media Box

This should probably be called Entertainment Box but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. This will be my stomping ground for: TV, film and game reviews. I’m not going to bombard you with reviews here but if I see a quirky film or there’s a new show or an indie game I think you should give a try, I will let you know!

Everyone writes reviews for Doctor Who, X Factor and Downton Abbey so unless I have a completely different view or insight into those, there’s no point in me touching those with a ten foot barge pole! But if there’s a new show that I’m excited about or a film that might not be indie but hasn’t had a massive PR push, I’ll let you know.

And on the games front, I will mainly be focused on apps with the odd indie game thrown in to get a bit of spice. Again, there’s no point me adding in my two cents about games like Modern Warfare or Skyrim when there are thousands of people doing that already.

So I hope you find something useful and interesting.


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