30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 4, TEA!

It’s the second day of the weekend so I’m doing another high street friendly gift for my 30 Days of Christmas Shopping Guide. This one may sound boring but with a little thought and a bit of research you can make it quite special for someone.


It doesn’t sound exciting does it? You can buy tea in your local supermarket and you can get “proper” tea there too but believe me, you will notice the difference with some of these gift ideas.

I’m a massive fan of builder’s tea and I will quite happily drink it any time of the day all year round. But to be honest, sometimes it’s just not enough. Step forward the loose tea and strainer combo. Though these are by no means a new or original idea you can get some real corkers, which will make anybody’s day.

If you live in London, I advise heading down to yumchaa in Soho. Yumchaa is a lovely little teashop with a wide selection of teas that are reasonably priced and delicious. The dry, loose tea is laid out in cups so you can give them a good sniff before you buy. If you can’t make it to London, pop on to their website. You can order the teas online so if you know exactly the type of tea you want, it’s all at you fingertips.

Obviously there are hundreds of teashops that sell loose tea over the UK and no doubt they’ll range in price, quality and type so I’m sure they’ll have something you’ll want to give to someone.

With loose tea you need a strainer/infuser. The lovely thing about this is that you can get a beautiful teapot and simple strainer as a bigger gift or there are some fantastic, quirky strainers/infusers out there for individual cups of tea.

Some available on the high street are:

Yellow Submarine from £8 available at Paperchase, Debenhams, John Lewis and more.

Tea House Infusers from £4 available from Whittards

Starfish Tea Strainer £20 available from Heals

To name but a few. There are some lovely simple strainers/infusers available at the mentioned stores and many more home stores and boutiques stock them too. You can even get a loose tea and strainer gift pack as a nice little stocking filler.

If you venture online you’ll find all of the above and you can find a whole host of other fun strainers that might fit the bill. My personal favourite is this little chap:

He’s out of stock on Amazon at the moment but I did find him here for the grand total of £4.95 +P&P.

So there we have it. A lovely gift that won’t break the bank but will be used right through these chilly winter months and can still have that personal touch.

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One thought on “30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 4, TEA!

  1. […] Day 4, Tea: Everyone likes a nice cup of tea and with the sudden rush for loose teas and fun infusers why not pick someone up a nice, different type of tea that they can enjoy right the way through winter. An elegant gift from as little as £5 depending on what you choose. […]

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