Barry M Instant Effects Foil Collection

For my first beauty blog post I’m covering three nail varnishes in one – you lucky things. I could have quite easily broken these into three posts as most people have been doing but seeing as there’s a special offer in Superdrug at the moment, I thought I’d give you a triple whammy before the offer disappears.

I’m sure you’ve all seen Barry M’s Instant Nail Effects Foil collection. They came out about two months ago and I pounced on them as soon as I saw them. If the gold and silver wasn’t enough, Barry M released a limited edition lilac foil last week and it is quite beautiful.

So without further ado:

The silver foil is a lovely matte silver colour with tiny metallic flecks. When I say matte, I don’t mean Chanel matte nail varnish, I mean more of a brushed silver finish. It’s not as gaudy or bold as the name and bottle will let you believe and it won’t distract attention from your outfit or jewellery. When I first saw it I did have my reservations because it looked a bit like a 1970s interpretation of the year 2000 but when I applied it I was quite pleased with the effect. I was hoping from more of a glossy, mirror finish but ended up with a shimmery pearl or frost effect (depending on the light) but overall I wouldn’t kick this out of my makeup bag.

The gold foil is a great shade of gold. Like the silver, it’s more of a brushed gold but you can definitely pick out the underlying shimmer better. Unlike most golds, this colour didn’t clash with my skin tone as much as I would was expecting. Instead of clashing I thought it looked more than passable and actually made my hands feel elegant rather than offensive (as some golds can). Just like the silver, it’s a beautiful colour that will not distract from your outfit and that’s mainly due to the non-mirror effect. Again, this is more of a frost finish but I will happily wear this on a nice night out.

The lilac foil is a beautiful, strong lilac that puts its pastel cousins to shame. Once again, my pale skin was not compromised by the colour and if like me you do struggle wearing pastels or you just want a happy medium this is the colour for you. As there’s no metal equivalent of lilac I think it fairs better than the silver and gold as my expectations were lower. If I had to classify the finish I would say it’s a pearl but it’s such a great formula that I don’t think it’ll matter what you class it as. It’s a great nail varnish that you can wear every day or at a special occasion and it will look like a high shine varnish opposed to a fancy foil.

Some notes on the formula:

  • As you can see from the photos, you can get brushstrokes and streaks quite easily. They are less noticeable in real life and a topcoat does help (I have not used one for these pictures) but you do have to be a bit careful.
  • The formula itself is thick but in a really good way. I have used one coat of varnish and as you can see, it has really good coverage. If you are worried about streaking, I would recommend two thin coats.
  • The name is slightly misleading. I know that when I’ve had foils in the past (I even had a home foil kit ten years ago) you get a nice, high gloss sometimes mirror finish. This does provide great cover and the lilac specifically has a high gloss finish but I wouldn’t call it a foil effect.
  • These varnishes are great to use for nail stamping and water marbling. I will show you more on this later on.
  • This varnish is a tad more expensive at a whopping £3.99, steep huh? A whole pound more expensive than their usual. In all seriousness, it’s remarkably good value for money and a great set to have for the festive season.
  • If you apply a top coat, you should get quite a lot of wear from this varnish and if it chips a little, whack a crackle top on it and you’ll get some extra wear.

As I say there’s a promotion on in Superdrug (I believe you can only buy the Limited Edition Lilac Foil in Superdrug) where if you spend £6 on Barry M products you get the Lilac foil for free, so why not get all of them at once?

I love these varnishes and I think they’ll be making quite a few appearances in the future. If I could only have one it would definitely be the Lilac Foil so get to the shops sharpish!

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12 thoughts on “Barry M Instant Effects Foil Collection

  1. theavonfairy says:

    LOVE ‘EM! I need to buy some right now! lol
    I especially like the Lilac one 🙂

  2. The silver and gold would love really fabulous as a half-moon manicure!

  3. Leah says:

    I want this so bad – this is so gorgeous!

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  6. Liz says:

    Love the gold polish! So sleek!

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  10. Jennifer says:

    Actually just bought the gold foil myself the other day!! LOVE IT!! Would love to know what you think of the way I used it!!

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