30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 6, Alphabet Bags

Day 6 and Christmas is slowly creeping upon us. Today I’m going to show you a lovely little gift that is great for people of all ages and something so simple it can be used any day for any task. You may have seen them before but I’m just gonna give you a tiny nudge to purchase one or two… or three.

Alphabet Bags

Every girl likes getting a new bag. If you’re six-years-old, 15-years-old or 70-years-old, everyone needs a bag. More and more men are using bags whether it’s for their iPad, shopping or just because they want one. Everyone needs a wash bag and all girls need a purse. Not many companies can cover all bases (age, gender, application etc) but I think you’ll find that Alphabet Bags could be the one that ticks all your boxes.

Alphabet Bags make a range of simple, casual bags that will have something for everyone. Known predominantly for their tote bags and simple letter prints, I’m pleased to tell you that these wonderfully uncomplicated designs are not only available on tote bags in black but in gold, diamante and white on black.

And there’s more! The unfussy letter design is available on mini bags, which are great for party bags and lunch bags as well as on coin purses, wash bags and cardholders.

Other tote designs available are: numbers, punctuation, silhouettes and some quirky typography including my favourites “GEEK”, “BOOK WORM” and “I REFUSE TO PARTICIPATE IN A RECESSION”.

At the beginning of November they released a wedding range so if you’re organising a winter wedding and a winter hen night, head over and have a look at what they can offer.

The bags are available from multiple online stores including:

Alphabet Bags

Not on the High Street

The Literary Gift Shop

Culture Label

I’m sure there are plenty more places you can purchase these items but wherever you get them they’ll make great general gifts, stocking fillers and a really nice secret santa gift.

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 6, Alphabet Bags

  1. Those bags are very cool!!

  2. […] Day 6, Alphabet Bags: Simple but with bags of personality, Alphabet Bags come in a whole range of totes, wash bags, card holders and purses so there’s something for everyone. Prices are generally around the £12 mark. […]

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