30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 7, MUGS!

One week in and we still have 23 days of Christmas shopping to go. Today’s gift is a staple in my family and could be thought of as boring but bare with me! I have found some awesome, fun examples at a whole range of prices that will make cracking gifts for anyone. These gifts will go well with my Day 4 gift suggestions so if you want to bulk up a present or you’re coordinating gifts with others, keep that in mind.


I love a good mug. I’ve had many in my time. I have one that can fit two pints in it, half pint mugs, Disney mugs, the works. But that’s all a little too boring right? Well I’m going to show you some cool mugs I’ve found and that I would love to give and receive this Christmas.

The first is a mug I came across during the summer and fell in love with. A simple idea from SUCK UK that comes in two varieties: tea and coffee. As you can see, the thinking behind this wonderful mug is so you can experiment with your beverage with a colour matching system. The colour matching pallet can also ensure you get the perfect cuppa each and every time. SIMPLE! As these can be purchased in many places at various prices I’ll just list a few but if you look around you can find them elsewhere: SUCK UK, Waterstones and Not on the High Street.

A really fun mug is the Dunk Mug. A great little mug with a slot at the bottom to store your biscuits (though I would probably stay clear of the chocolate ones to be honest) letting you save on the washing up and making you ration your biscuits. This mug comes in right and left handed versions so you don’t have to worry that your biscuits will fall out. The white right-handed version is available from many places including Amazon but Not on the High Street stocks both and has a lovely additional polka dot version.

If you were interested in purchasing some loose tea as part of a Christmas gift then this mug is the perfect coupling. The glass infuser mug allows you to brew whole leaf tea in a single mug anywhere you please with a removable infuser. The lid can be used as a coaster for the removed infuser so you don’t get any messy water stains anywhere. There’s a whole range of these available from everywhere from Debenhams to my favourite for this post Not on the High Street so just keep your eye out and you’ll find something suitable for you.

If you’re looking for something a bit quirkier then why not go for the novelty mug? I have several to show you and there are plenty more out there.

One of my absolute favourites is the Doctor Who mug. Not only does it look like the Tardis but it has a lid so your drink stays hotter for longer. Once again it can be found in numerous places including Firebox and Amazon.

There’s a whole range of games related, heat changing mugs out there. I personally have the Pac-Man one and still love it. They’re not the sleekest of mugs and they’re certainly not the most elegant but they’re still fun and people do love them (and you can tell when your tea is too cold to drink too). You can buy them in store at shops like JOY or again Firebox has them for super cheap.

And my last on the list is of course an ironic gift – well that’s what I pray for anyway. This would make a great secret santa gift as the “BE REEM” mugs in a range of colours with the option of having a personalised message that will be perfect for lovers of The Only Way is Essex or haters. Again, the most reputable place I can find these personalised versions is Not on the High Street.

I think that’s enough mug talk for now. But I think I’ve shown you that if you have a look there’s a mug for everyone.

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 7, MUGS!

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  2. […] have seen a couple of products in my list that originally came from SUCK UK i.e. Sun Jars and the My Cuppa. As you can tell from these items, SUCK UK is fun, innovative and just a bit […]

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