Andrea Fulerton Trio Nail Polish in Rain Fall

Today’s beauty review is on Andrea Fulerton’s Trio Colouring System in Rain Fall. I was attracted to the colours straight away. Give me anything teal and sparkly and you’ve pretty much won me over or at least my purse. I was a little bit dubious of the idea considering that most colour combinations in the line clash or just don’t seem right but I thought I’d plunge in head first and boy am I glad I did.

So as you can guess, you get two separate polishes in one handy applicator. You can wear either on their own or you can mix them to get a third colour.

The metallic turquoise is a great but maybe not unique colour. It has brilliant coverage and vibrancy with a lovely pearl finish. In these pictures I have used a single coat but I would recommend two for optimal coverage if you’re wearing it on its own. It’s a great colour and during the summer it will look great on toes.

The darker, navy side is almost purple once painted on the nails. The formula is a lot thinner than the turquoise so there is no way you could get away with a single coat as you can see in the pictures. But with the shimmery teal flakes that are so beautiful it really makes the varnish pop.

The directions say to paint the darkest colour first to get the best effect. I knew this didn’t apply to this coupling but I tried it anyway and I was quite pleased with the results. Though you don’t get much of the glitter effect you do get a gorgeous, deep teal colour that has a little added sparkle. If glitter isn’t really your thing, it gives it a predominantly smooth effect with a little twinkle in the right light.

I also painted it the correct way and it is stunning. Not only do you have the deep teal colour but you get the full benefit of the green shimmering flakes that reminds me of the sea and semi precious stones. And unlike most glitter/flake varnishes there’s not much coarseness in the texture and no chance that a big piece of glitter will rub off leaving a hole in your varnish.

So for a “trio” you actually get four variations and I absolutely love every single one of them. I’m really excited about trying the shimmer varnish on other colours and seeing what I can come up with.

You can buy Andrea Fulerton products from bigger Superdrug stores or online and for a £7.99 you’re getting a lot of varnish for your buck.

I can’t wait to try the other pairings and I recommend you guys get out there and try them too.

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3 thoughts on “Andrea Fulerton Trio Nail Polish in Rain Fall

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