30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 9, GlossyBox

Have you put your Christmas tree up? Then it’s time to get some presents underneath it and with just 22 more days of Christmas shopping to go we’d better get a move on. Today’s gift is a little bit outside the box but could be the answer to all your problem presents.

GlossyBox Subscription

We’ve all received your usual basket of smellies or branded cosmetic selection for Christmas and nine times out of ten it just feels a like an after thought or a bit boring. And while it is lovely to get a selection pack from the Bodyshop or a 3 for 2 present from Boots, wouldn’t it be nicer to get something a little bit more special, different and chic?

GlossyBox, along with other beauty box brands, sends you five luxury miniature products from high-end brands every month. To be fair, that’s not a great description as some months see full products like Leighton Denny nail polish or All For Eve lipstick so you do get value for money. Each box also contains a product description and a discount code so you can order your favourite products for cheaper.

It may seem like a bit of an odd present to give but if you’re on a budget, each box costs £12.95 including P&P and they’re so pretty that it has a real wow factor. If you’re on a budget but can make a monthly payment then why not commit to a three-month subscription or six? It means that each month they have something to look forward to and will think of you each time the pretty pink box arrives on their doorstep. Just pop in a card with the first box explaining your plan and Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s you aunt, a lovely present is born. And there are no strings. As long as you give them 14 days notice prior to your next box you can cancel the subscription.

There is a little bit of a risk with this gift as you never know what will be sent prior to the arrival but you can be assured that it will be good quality and presented beautifully. The boxes generally arrive half way through the month so if you sign up now you’ll get the December box before Christmas. They also do a men’s box, which is a quarterly box for £17.95 including P&P so it’s not just for the ladies.

I think this gift would be great for sister-in-laws, brothers, cousins or a secret santa gift. I know that the first time I opened my first one (and each subsequent one) I get so excited and can’t wait to try everything inside. And the box is so pretty I keep them and put my nail varnish in them.

So why not try something different? Head to their website and get a memorable gift today. If you don’t have a GlossyBox where you are then there are plenty of beauty box companies which will do the same job.

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One thought on “30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 9, GlossyBox

  1. […] Day 9, GlossyBox: If you’re fed up of giving the same generic beauty gift set to people then why not get them a GlossyBox or a GloosyBox subscription? You have just enough time to get the December one before Christmas and for £12.95 inc p&p it could be the answer to all your problems. […]

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