30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 10, Cookie Mix Jars

The first weekend of December is here! Who’s already panicking about what to buy? Don’t fear, I’ve got plenty more ideas for you so let’s get cracking. Today’s gift is something I hadn’t seen until about a month ago and I thought it was a lovely idea and you can either buy one premade or you can make one yourself to give it the personal touch (and make it significantly cheaper).

Cookie Mix Jars

How many times have you received a box of chocolates or a tin of biscuits that are lovely but not very exciting for Christmas? Yeah, me too. That’s why when I saw these Cookie Mix Jars I instantly thought “Christmas gift”.

These jars are made by Scarlet Bakers and they’re a really lovely, simple idea; a Kilner jar (who doesn’t love a Kilner jar) layered with the dry ingredients for a certain type of cookie or baked good. The recipient just needs to add butter and eggs and bake. Some even come with cookie cutters, which add even more fun.

The jars range from about £8.99 up to £20 depending on where you buy them from and what style of cookie you choose. The jars come in everything from a simple Rainbow Cookie Mix to a Gingerbread Baking Mix so there’s something for everyone.

You can find the jars at these online stockists:

Scarlet Bakes

Not on the High Street

Simply Thank You


If they have the one you want on Amazon, I would personally buy from there simply because they have free postage and Not on the High Street and Simply Thank You are significantly more expensive.

You can also purchase these jars in store at a whole range of outlets.

Now, this is where I get a bit crafty. These are lovely and I would purchase them out of pure curiosity and convenience but if you’re a competent baker and have a recipe people love and you don’t have time to make a batch for Christmas, why not make a Cookie Mix Jar yourself?

If you’re looking for something within a smaller budget and you have a foolproof recipe, just purchase a Kilner jar, which can be purchased anywhere from Ikea to John Lewis, give it a good wash, measure out your ingredients and write a little instruction card. Easy and super cheap! It adds a lovely personal touch and it doesn’t take too much time. You can even play around with the type of jar you use or you can paint it or do whatever you want to give it that extra special “me” touch.

If you have extra time and some extra ingredients, why not play around with the idea of marking off the levels on the jar and seeing if the recipe works without a scale or measuring cups? It’d be a great way to pass on a recipe without giving away all your secrets.

Image borrows from http://tightwadblog.com

So there you have it. A lovely, simple but different idea for Christmas. I can’t imagine a nicer way to spend Boxing Day morning than whipping up some easy cookies and then watching TV with the family tucking into them with a nice cup of tea.

This gift would be ideal for: children, colleagues, students and pretty much anyone who loves the idea of baking but isn’t great at it

Happy shopping!

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One thought on “30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 10, Cookie Mix Jars

  1. […] Day 10, Cookie Mix Jars: Another lovely, unusual idea that can be as shop bought or crafty as you want. Layers of dry ingredients in pretty Kilner jars with instructions on how to make the stated baked goods. Simple, fun and very different. Pre made jars start from £8.99. […]

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