30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 12, Touch Screen Gloves

We’re getting so close I can almost say “YO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS” and not get funny looks on the street. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet or at least planned your gifts? If not, don’t fear, I’ve still got some ideas tucked up my sleeve for you this Christmas. Today’s gift is practical but will be really appreciated.

Touch Screen Gloves


Most people have a touch screen phone (even my 65-year-old mother has a touch screen phone) or an iPad and what’s the worst thing about these devices other than they consume our lives into a dark pit of technology? Let’s say it together… you can’t use them with gloves on!

So you know this, I know this and now retailers know this and have started selling touch screen gloves. They’re basically you’re everyday pair of gloves with conductive material sown into the index fingers and thumbs. This isn’t a brand spanking new product but it’s still not completely on the surface yet.

I know from my own experience I have either worn fingerless gloves or gone without in past winters because of the inconvenience so I would be a very happy camper with toasty warm hands if someone bought me these and I can think of more than a few others that feel the same.


You can get them from most places now. Some are very plain and simple, which are pretty much perfect for everyday use and great for men. You can also find standard gloves with patterns or stripes or bright colours and they even do leather ones. If you shop around you can find some higher end suppliers that sell them but for the purpose of this blog I’ll just list a couple standard websites (and their counter part high street stores) where you can find them:






New Look

Prices range from £2.50 to well, as I say, it depends where you buy them.


If you can’t find a pair of touch screen gloves in a suitable style and don’t mind paying a little extra then you can purchase some conductive thread and sew a touch screen patch onto your chosen gloves. You can buy the thread online but you’re looking at spending at least £20-30 for a spool as depicted below.


There you have it. A simple idea that people with thank you for right the way through winter.

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One thought on “30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 12, Touch Screen Gloves

  1. […] Day 12, Touch Screen Gloves: Everyone has a touch screen device and during these cold winter months they’re bloomin’ hard to use. Why not get someone a pair of gloves that won’t interrupt their technology addiction and save their fingers from turning blue. […]

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