30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 13, Leighton Denny Crystal Nail Files

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming… da da da duh duh da da duh duh – sorry I got a little carried away.  December 6th and day 13 for my 30 days of Christmas shopping guide. Today is something for the ladies or well-groomed gentleman and something I personally can’t live without – well my beauty bag can’t at least.

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File

Last Christmas my mum told me she had a present on its way for me but they were out of stock so she had prepaid for one to be sent to me. She said that it was such a lovely gift that she didn’t want to get a refund. A month later they arrived and I didn’t really get it at first but now I do.

It was a set of crystal nail files. I used to have really bad nails from wearing press on nails and peeling them off (only at costume parties) and not treating my cuticles so my nails were thin, peeling and just ugly but this really sorted me out.

The Leighton Denny’s Crystal Nail File set comes in a lovely presentation box with a white protective wallet. The set consists of two files (a small and a large) and they last forever!

When I first used mine I didn’t like them because I felt like I was scratching my nails down a chalkboard but now I love them. As they don’t have coarse grains there’s no pull on the nail and no chance of splitting, tearing or peeling leaving a smooth, almost sealed edge. If you know someone who has brittle or weak nails this would be a great gift for them and I do believe that they’ve helped make my nails healthier.

It’s not the cheapest present in the world as it’s £27.50 plus p&p from the Leighton Denny website or £24.76 plus p&p on QVC. You can purchase individual files for £11.50 from Amazon or £12.00 from the Leighton Denny website or you can pick it up in Boots so there is a cheaper option.

There are plenty of other crystal nail files on the market from OPI to Max Factor to Nail Tek so there are other brands out there but as I’ve used the Leighton Denny I can fully endorse it and say it’s one of the best gifts I’ve received in many years.

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 13, Leighton Denny Crystal Nail Files

  1. […] Day 13, Leighton Denny Crystal Nail Files: We all have nail files lurking around the house but the traditional file is renowned to snag, tear and split the nail. Leighton Denny’s Crystal File is long lasting and leaves your nails in a healthy state with a super smooth finish. Single files can be purchased for as little as £12. […]

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