Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream

Being the complete genius that I am, I have misplaced the hand cream I was intending to post about tonight and have no clue where it could be. So instead of turning the whole flat upside down and accusing my boyfriend of throwing it away I’m going to write about another hand cream I’ve been trying recently and let sod’s law do its thing and allow me to find it as soon as I click publish.

As I explained last week my hands do not like the cold weather. If I’m not careful they can split, chap and sometimes bleed – I know, gross – so a good hand cream is really important to me.

I explained my problem to someone and they sent me the Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream. When I first saw it I did have a bit of a ditsy moment and think “5% Urea… isn’t urea wee?” Being a bit crazy and apparently a little dumb, I had a quick look online and realised the obvious; it’s synthetic and not taken from baby penguins and I realised that I did know that urea is found in all healthy skin but had forgotten. Please believe me that in usual circumstances I’m not that silly; I was having an off day, promise. After my little freak out I decided to give it a go.

As you can guess from the name, this is a really concentrated, almost heavy-duty hand cream. Your hands do feel like a baby’s bottom after using it and you only need a tiny amount to get the benefit but it’s not for everyone. It’s not the most glamorous of products; it doesn’t have any added fragrances and the packaging is pretty industrial so it wouldn’t be something I would carry around in my bag on a night out.

Immediately after application there is a non-trivial amount of stickiness on the skin. Compared to most creams there’s not much greasiness but you will have a few minutes of tackiness while it dries. Once it does you’ll feel the benefits for hours and as it’s not scented it’s quite handy to keep on your desk and great for men.

I am quite impressed with it to be honest. I wouldn’t use it as an everyday hand cream but more of a preventative/treatment cream. Unless you constantly have dry hands or suffer from continual chapping it’s going to be too concentrated and unnecessary for you to use it often. I’m definitely going to keep this in my drawer as my emergency, intensive treatment and I would definitely purchase again. Depending on the level of damage to your skin you should see a difference within a couple of days and for £8.79 you’re getting a really good treatment.

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