My favourite basecoats/topcoats

It’s really easy to focus on pretty polishes and the finished product but over the years I have learnt just how important prepping your nails is. In today’s post I will be showing you my two favourite basecoats come topcoats that have changed the condition of my nails dramatically.

The first is OPI’s Nail Envy. Nail Envy has been around longer than I can remember. My mum is obsessed with QVC and has been watching it for the past fifteen years and this is where I first learned about OPI. I always enjoyed painting my nails and giving my mum’s friends “manicures” so I was exposed to Nail Envy really early. When I was younger and didn’t use basecoats and my natural nails were always tinted green or blue or some other unsightly colour so I got used to using a basecoat.

I don’t know if it’s out of habit or what but I still use the original Nail Envy. A good twelve years on and I use it almost every week. If I don’t use nail treatments my nails get quite thin and peel and Nail Envy really does strengthen your nails and I can notice the difference within a few applications. One thing I discovered fairly recently was that I was overusing my Nail Envy. After using it as a basecoat and a topcoat every other day, my nails started to get a bit brittle and started splitting. I know that it’s supposed to prevent that from happening but my nails were in desperate need for hydration but having a break from the treatment wasn’t doing my nails any favours either. I reduced my usage and though my nails were strong they were still breaking. I tried a few other brands and alternatives but nothing really hit the mark so I went to get a manicure.

When I went to the manicure I was introduced to basecoat number two: Duri’s Rejuvacoat. This product is amazing. I cannot praise it enough. My nails very rarely need buffing anymore and my nails are growing like crazy. The instructions say to use it as a basecoat and then as a topcoat everyday for seven days, remove and repeat. This is rubbish. I use it as a basecoat and half the time as a topcoat and then I don’t worry about additional layers after that. This is by no means detrimental to the treatment. If your nails are in a really bad state you may want to use it every second day until your nails get healthier and believe me, they will get healthier, but otherwise it’s just a bit overkill.

The lovely thing about Duri is that it dries really quickly and doesn’t leave a huge build up on your nail. It’s not over glossy either so you can wear it as a clear varnish and it won’t look like you’ve put sticky tape all over your nails but have a really healthy, natural nail.

When I’m being lazy I will use my Duri as a basecoat and a couple days later the OPI as a topcoat. This makes the polish last for up to two weeks and has made my nails grow faster and physically stronger.

I know my account of Nail Envy seems a bit negative but I just wanted to share with you that like most things you need a bit of variation. I love my Nail Envy and want to try the matte version soon but I will no longer use it as my only treatment.

Everyone is different and will need different products but for general nail care I recommend giving these a go. They’re not the cheapest basecoats you’ll find but if you shop around you’ll find a deal and believe me, you’ll notice the difference.

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