Barry M Limited Edition Effects Silver Glitter varnish

If you read my Barry M Foil Collection post you’ll know that Superdrug have released a limited edition lilac foil on special offer over the past couple of weeks. Boots, the cheeky monkeys, have released another Barry M Limited Edition Effects varnish on special offer at the same time. This one is silver glitter varnish and just in time for Christmas.

I love Barry M. I think it’s exception quality for a more than reasonable price. A few years ago they released a red glitter and I love it. I particularly like wearing it on my toes and calling them my “doro-feet” (think about it). Then they released a blue, which is equally as beautiful and a green which I am yet to try, so I was quite excited about the silver.

Like most glitter varnishes you can control how dense the glitter effect is by the thickness of application and the number of layers. I’ve applied it to my natural nail (after a basecoat of course) as I wanted to show you what it would look like with a full coverage.

After a single coat you get a nice, delicate but even coverage. You can clearly see the white of the nail and get a really noticeable sparkle from the glitter. I applied a medium coat and it made my nails festive and fairly subtle as glitter varnishes go. I personally think the glitter is a bit too dense to use it as a topcoat but that’s just me. Over a nice navy blue or burgundy it could work but I think it’s a little too overpowering for a lighter colour.

After a second coat the glitter is denser but the coverage was slightly patchy. It definitely made it less elegant and a bit more novel for me personally. I definitely wasn’t as fond of it and I wasn’t happy with the results.

After a third and final coat it evened out the coverage and made my nails look really festive. It’s not entirely opaque and you can still see the white of the nail but any further coats would have been overkill. In the light the glitter looks lovely but in the shade or close up it looks a little flat. It does remind me a little of Christmas bauble baubles but that’s the point isn’t it?

Overall notes:

  • This is a very young varnish. A single coat will suit most people but with additional layers it does become very young. I still like it but I’m not sure it will suit everyone’s personality.
  • For me I would have preferred the glitter to have a shimmer of colour. It would make it a little gaudier but it would also make it a little bit more fun.
  • I applied the three layers over a 12-hour period. Like most glitter varnishes it takes a little longer to dry so just out of my own experience I took my time and applied it slowly.
  • If you do wear a single coat you really need to apply a topcoat. Unlike most Barry M varnishes it chipped pretty quickly but luckily it’s harder to notice due to the nature of the varnish.
  • It is a pain to remove. Like all glitter varnishes you really have to soak the nail and work hard to get rid of every scrap of glitter. Try to avoid going too closer to your skin (I know I haven’t left much room) because it will get stuck in the corners and it will be a nightmare to get out.

Overall I think it’s a fun varnish that will be great for the festive period. With a simple black dress it’ll add a subtle hint of sparkle that’s not overpowering and if you apply a single coat it adds a little bit of Christmas without a “look at me” aspect. It’s not my favourite Barry M varnish but for £3.99 or free when you spend £6 on other Barry M products you can’t really go wrong.

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5 thoughts on “Barry M Limited Edition Effects Silver Glitter varnish

  1. welshfifi88 says:

    I snapped up the lilac ‘foil’ effect as soon as a saw it, this one I wasn’t so much sold on and was wondering if it could just work as a top coat, but I think I have to agree the glitter looks too thick to use without overpowering the under coat, a shame! I do also love the blue glitter though!

  2. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Oh I bought it too (well, it was free with 2 or 3 Barry M products bought but I already own all the nail paints I like and could not bring myself to buy something else I knew I would not use), and looking at the finish on your nails it was a good idea! Must try it over the Revlon Stormy I have now, when it starts to chip!

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