30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 16, Kidrobot Swatches

Day 16 and it’s getting so close I can almost smell it. With just a couple of weeks of shopping left and it’s almost time to get frantic but hopefully with a little bit of help you can plan what you’re going to buy and miss the rush. Today’s gift is something you may have seen and that I have been quite excited about since I first saw them.

Kidrobot Swatches

If you saw my post on the Papertoy Monster Book you’ll know that I’m a bit of a vinyl nut. Swatch has collaborated with some great Kidrobot artists to make a range of watch and dunny sets that will get any vinyl fan’s tongue wagging.

There are eight individual designs from artists such as the all and powerful Joe Ledbetter to the seductively brilliant Tara McPherson. Each design is distinctive and instantly recognisable and the great thing is that you don’t just get a watch you get the matching vinyl dunny too.

The watches are classed as “original collection, gent standard” but a woman could easily wear these without feeling uncomfortable or like she’s wearing a man’s watch, it’s more of a unisex watch.

I love this set because it almost takes me back to my school days when I wore a Tweetie Bird watch but obviously a lot cooler and more grown up… well.

You can purchase each watch for £44.50 from the Swatch website or any swatch outlet.

I personally love these and think that the watch is great for everyday use and the dunny, well I’d buy them on their own.

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