30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Days 1 to 15

As yesterday was the halfway point of my 30 Days of Christmas Shopping I thought it would be best if I did a quick round up of gifts one to fifteen just incase you missed anything. Don’t worry, I’ll still post Day 16’s soon but I didn’t want you to miss out on anything. So without further ado:

Day 1, Spineless Classics: A great gift for book lovers and story lovers alike. A whole book published on a single page with a silhouette design synonymous with the text to make it more visually appealing. Prices start from £29.99.

Day 2, BrewDog: If you’re looking for a simple beer to give to someone or something a little bit more meaningful, BrewDog has something for you. PunkDog will allow you to customise the design of your beer of choice making it a little more personalised while Equity for Punks allows you to purchase shares from as little as £95.

Day 3, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies: Great and unusual gifts from as little as £3. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies provide products for monsters including tins of fear and guides to monster housekeeping. If you’re looking for something unique and this Christmas, head to the shop in Hoxton or to the online store. All profits go to Ministry of Stories, a literary charity for local children.

Day 4, Tea: Everyone likes a nice cup of tea and with the sudden rush for loose teas and fun infusers why not pick someone up a nice, different type of tea that they can enjoy right the way through winter. An elegant gift from as little as £5 depending on what you choose.

Day 5, Personalised Russian Dolls: A bit of a crafty present that will add a personal touch without putting the pressure on the pockets. Buy a set of blank Russian Dolls and paint them however you wish. I did this for my boyfriend’s birthday and chose video game characters but there’s a whole world of possibilities. Budgets vary but you should be able to do it within £20.

Day 6, Alphabet Bags: Simple but with bags of personality, Alphabet Bags come in a whole range of totes, wash bags, card holders and purses so there’s something for everyone. Prices are generally around the £12 mark.

Day 7, Mugs: Everyone likes a good mug and there are plenty of quirky mugs out there that it’s not just going to be a boring gift anymore. Everything from mugs with biscuit holders to the Tardis can be found within a £20 budget.

Day 8, Cats Protection Celebrity Paws Auction: A great auction for the Cats Protection charity. 30 celebrities let their artistic skills go wild to form 30 unique pieces that are currently on auction until Sunday 11th December. Everything raised will go straight to the charity and there are some great pieces there.

Day 9, GlossyBox: If you’re fed up of giving the same generic beauty gift set to people then why not get them a GlossyBox or a GloosyBox subscription? You have just enough time to get the December one before Christmas and for £12.95 inc p&p it could be the answer to all your problems.

Day 10, Cookie Mix Jars: Another lovely, unusual idea that can be as shop bought or crafty as you want. Layers of dry ingredients in pretty Kilner jars with instructions on how to make the stated baked goods. Simple, fun and very different. Pre made jars start from £8.99.

Day 11, Board Games: An old gift that seems to have lost its way. Why not get a bit retro and buy someone a board game for everyone to enjoy on Christmas day?

Day 12, Touch Screen Gloves: Everyone has a touch screen device and during these cold winter months they’re bloomin’ hard to use. Why not get someone a pair of gloves that won’t interrupt their technology addiction and save their fingers from turning blue.

Day 13, Leighton Denny Crystal Nail Files: We all have nail files lurking around the house but the traditional file is renowned to snag, tear and split the nail. Leighton Denny’s Crystal File is long lasting and leaves your nails in a healthy state with a super smooth finish. Single files can be purchased for as little as £12.

Day 14, Papertoy Monster Book: A lovely crafty book with 50 pop out designs for you to fold and glue to get a whole range of bizarre creatures. Great for kids of all ages and only a meagre £7.92.

Day 15, Joseph Joseph Kitchenware: Everyone needs kitchenware and Joseph Joseph’s innovative designs, simplicity and ability to solve simple problems is a great place to start. With a whole range of products you’re bound to find something for you.

So there you have it. 15 ideas down and 15 to go. Happy Shopping!

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4 thoughts on “30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Days 1 to 15

  1. k elizabeth says:

    Really good ideas; thanks! 🙂

  2. It’s official – you have now made crave London more than ever…..it used to be my home until I moved to LA and I still miss it like crazy 16 years later! All those nifty little gifts just sound and look so much cuter than anything I bought so far…
    Love your blog – I will follow (and thanks for stopping by mine)

    • Hey! Thank you. My boyfriend’s from Orange County so I’m kinda missing California right now (it’s so cold here!). There are alternatives in the US too but I’m sure what you’ve bought is lovely. As I’m sure that writing my list would be sooooooooo much easier if I lived there.
      Thank you again for stopping by and for following =)

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