30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 17, SUCK UK

It’s almost here. People are buying their Christmas trees, stocking their freezer and running out onto the high street to get the presents in. For day 17 I have a bit more of a brand suggestion rather than a specific item suggestion and it’s just because I couldn’t pick my favourite. SUCK UK

You may have seen a couple of products in my list that originally came from SUCK UK i.e. Sun Jars and the My Cuppa. As you can tell from these items, SUCK UK is fun, innovative and just a bit different.

They have something for pretty much anyone but I’ll go through some of my favourite products for you.

Chalk Chess


Draw a chessboard anywhere you wish with these black and white chalk chess pieces. Confuse your opponent by wearing down you King’s crown or add another row when no one’s looking. For £10 you can’t really go wrong with this fun yet “sophisticated” gift.

Book Rest Lamp


I have issues with lamps. I find them boring, a little bit ugly and when I need to use it during the night I’m almost guaranteed to knock it over or knock my glass of water over. The Book Rest Lamp solves all these problems by being an unusual, simple, sturdy lamp that gives off soft lift and provides a space to store your book. At £40 it’s not the cheapest present you’ll be buying this Christmas but it’s a great one for booklovers.

Cat Scratch


I don’t know about you but I have a pet and being a twenty-something living with my boyfriend, she’s my baby (don’t judge me) so I will be getting her a Christmas present. What better than to make her a DJ? This scratching deck is perfect for your cat and hilarious for you and it’s only £15.

There are plenty more in their London retail store and on their website including a colour changing umbrella, salt and pepper robots, musical rulers etc so why not check them out and get something fun and unusual for someone this Christmas.

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