30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 21, Photo Rubix Cube

And now the countdown really begins. Not long left to get to those shops and buy what you need or make something special for that special someone. Today I’ll be showing you a super quick but really nice homemade Christmas gift idea.

Photo Rubix Cube

Please excuse the photos, they are quite old.

I love Rubix Cubes. I’m not very good at the and if you gave me one now I’d probably remember one of the four thousand steps but no matter what they’re pretty awesome. If like me you have someone in your life that not only enjoys them and finds them easy then this will be a great present for them and will require a little extra skill to solve.


So I made one of these a couple years ago for my boyfriend and though it worked fairly well there are a few things I would have done differently. But for a reference, this is what mine looked like.


I bought some A4 self-adhesive address labels, a standard Rubix Cube and a craft knife. I simply measured the cube, resized and printed the pictures, cut them out, stuck them on each side and then used the craft knife to follow the lines of the cube to separate each square. It worked and it was nice. He still has it and the stickers have fallen off so for about £15 I made him something personal and fun.

Now, if I did it again, I would do this:


Choose the pictures I wanted and add, make each greyscale and then add a different coloured filter to each picture. For this I have used Seashore, which is a downloadable piece of software so you don’t need anything fancy.

I can’t find glossy labels so I would get some sticky back plastic and layer it on top so that it has a better photo finish and so the ink doesn’t rub off with time.

It depends how crafty or steady your hands are because you could take the time and precision to cut each individual square so that you have the black boarders of each or you could do what I did originally and stick the whole side down and cut through the gaps. If you choose the last one I would put the sticky back plastic on after this process and then repeat the process.

Found online but had to include for national pride.

So there you have it. There are so many things you can do with this. You can make your own Rubix Cube as a base, you can keep the original photos or you can make it about a favourite animal or cartoon or whatever. And the great thing is that it makes the puzzle harder as the middle square orientation really matters so it’ll add an extra challenge for them.

You can order personalised Rubix Cubes from places but what’s better than putting in some effort and giving something out of love rather than off the shelf.

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