30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 22, Personalised Perfume

On the home stretch and I can almost smell the turkey and boy am I excited. Today’s gift is a little bit different, personal and quite fun.

Personalised Perfume

Perfume is such a generic gift at Christmas. Everyone has a certain perfume they ask for every year or is forced to stick to because people constantly buy it for them.

We’ve all seen children’s “make your own perfume” sets but it’s easier to get hold of chic adult ones now too. And the idea that someone is completely in control of the scent they wear is lovely. You can purchase home making kits from places such as The Perfume Studio or even Firebox where you can experiment with your oils and scents at home with complete freedom. These are generally £20-£30 and will make 20mls of perfume.


If you want something a bit more special then why not book a perfume making class with a professional perfumer. Companies all around the UK (and I’m sure US and other countries) offer a gift certificate system where your special someone can create their signature scent with a real pro and get afternoon tea after it. I’ve seen these from about £50-£150 depending on the package you decide to purchase.

So, a short and sweet suggestion today. A nice, simple idea for someone who can never settle on a scent or is stuck in a rut and needs some encouragement to break the cycle.

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