Accessorize Aztec – a Models Own step in?

When Models Own were sold out of the Beetlejuice collection I was hugely disappointed and ridiculously impatient. When I was in Accessorize buying the most amazing hat I saw a colour that seemed similar to Models Own Pinky Brown so purchased it with low expectations but I must admit I was really pleasantly surprised… with the colour at least.Accessorize’s Aztec looks like an oil slick in a nail polish bottle. It has a really dense, vivid purple-gold glitter with dark forest green undertones.

The application is very smooth and even and once on the nail you get the full effect of the polish. When applying you really see the green base colour that really stands out in the light. However, from afar or in basic room lighting the green does become a more brown tone. The glitter really is the star of this polish and provides the oil on water effect. It’s kind of a shimmer come holographic type finish as the glitter changes from purple to gold to green to brown constantly.

In the first couple picture I have applied a single thin to medium coat. As you can see the coverage is pretty decent but it hasn’t reached complete opaqueness. To be honest, I went out with a single coat and I still kept admiring the colour myself and so did others so if you’re in a rush you won’t really have to worry about layering.

If you do choose to layer the colour does become a lot richer and the green less visible. One – well the first – problem with this polish is it takes ages to dry. Even after the first coat I found that it still felt slightly tacky to the touch 15 minutes after application. After the second coat I didn’t move for at least half an hour to avoid smearing polish everywhere.

The second problem is that even after three hours of drying it still left depression marks on my nails. I went to bed and woke up with creases in the polish. Now, if I press my nail tip into the polish there are no indentations so it really is a drying issue.

All in all, the colour of this polish is beautiful. I knew it wasn’t going to be great quality because the formula in the bottle looks a little thin or even oily but the actual colour is worth a shot. It’s a great colour for these winter months and at £4 you’re not really breaking the bank for an unusual finish. The quality really is a bit of an issue for me but with a bit of patience your nails will look pretty awesome (and your fingers really long and thin).  Without a topcoat the polish won’t last long so keep that in mind if you’re using it and want it to last.

Once I’ve got my hands on the Models Own Beetlejuice Pinky Brown I’ll show you the difference.

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4 thoughts on “Accessorize Aztec – a Models Own step in?

  1. Dara says:

    really nice color

  2. really love the colour but don’t think I’ll bother with it, can’t stand polishes with super long drying times! xx

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