What a difference a pair of orange socks makes…

During the Christmas period it’s very easy to feel like the customer company relationship is very one sided. During this whole month I have and will be throwing my money at various beauty brands, bookshops, media hot shots and supermarkets with nothing but a weak smile and a drab “Merry Christmas” from the staff if I’m lucky. Kind of sucks huh?Well this morning saw a slight change to that trend because this morning I received a surprise package from the amazing guys at innocent.

A normal jiffy bag came through my letterbox with no telltale signs or company logos and seeing as I’ve received all my recent purchases/product samples I was quite excited to find out what it was. To my surprise it was a pair of bright orange socks, a Christmas card and a voucher for any innocent juice.

What a lovely idea. No fuss. No flashy “LOOK WHAT WE’VE DONE”, just a simple gift with some fun copy and some Christmas jokes.

innocent have always impressed me with their products, connection with their customers and modesty (so much so that I check their website for jobs on a bi-monthly basis). This has just reconfirmed how well they understand the importance of human connection. Good job guys!

I’m now off to do some Christmas shopping with a bit more of a spring in my step and less of a “Bah Humbug!” attitude towards the retail world. Thank you innocent!

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