30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 24, Disney Animation Collection Dolls

Sorry for the delayed post today. Drama in the Little Box family meant that I couldn’t write my post last night. I know I did a children’s gift yesterday but I saw this and had to suggest it, especially as I secretly want one for myself.

Disney’s Animation Collection Dolls

I’m usually afraid of dolls. I find them creepy and devoid of cuteness but Disney’s Animation Collection is something quite different. Every girl (and some boys) loves the Disney Princesses. Everyone has a favourite and everyone likes to think they’re just like one of them. And if they weren’t lovely enough as it is, Disney have actually managed to translate those adorable characters into physical toys, something they’ve been trying to do for years without success.


The Animation Collection dolls are roughly 16 inches tall and have lovely big, bright eyes that make them look innocent and friendly and each princess comes with a soft animal friend. For children aged 3+ it’s a great gift for any little girl and I would say that even old children would love it.


Each doll is £20 and will make great toys and great collectables.

One thing to keep in mind, Rapunzel from Tangled is out of stock but can be found on eBay but they are over double the price.

Like I said yesterday, if you have a niece or goddaughter that you just don’t know what to get this could be the ticket. They are cute, warm and I can’t imagine any little girl disliking it. It’s a really substantial doll too so for £20 you’re getting a really good value product.

 If you can’t find them in the Disney Stores then get it online, you’ve still got a day or two before the end of posting.

Happy shopping!

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