Festive Water Marbling Nail Art featuring OPI, Models Own, Barry M and Andrea Fulerton

As it’s the week before Christmas I think it’s about time to get my elaborate, gaudy Christmas nails on. Today I will be showing you my festive water marbling design with quick instructions on how to achieve a similar look.

For the proper Christmas effect I wanted to use pearl, frost and shimmer polishes to add a bit of sparkle and texture to the finish. I chose OPIs An Affair in Red Square (red frost finish) and Kyoto Pearl (white pearl finish) with Models Own Golden Green (green shimmer finish).

So step one: I applied my usual basecoat with a single layer of Barry M’s White Matte polish so that the colour really stood out. Make sure you let your bases dry properly so maybe prep your nails a couple hours before.

Step two: Fill a cup with filtered water. Make sure the water is “room temperature” and pretty much to the top.

Step three: Scotch tape your finger. Cover the skin surrounding the nail as tightly as possible. You’ll find out why in a minute.

Step four: unscrew the caps of your chosen colours. Load your brush and drop the polish onto the surface of the water. Take the next colour and drop it into the centre of the polish on the surface. Repeat until you have a bulls-eye pattern on the surface.

Step five: take a toothpick and draw a pattern in the polish by carefully dragging the toothpick through the colours.

Step six: pick your favourite pattern and place your nail onto the design with your finger bent at the second knuckle and keeping the upper part of your finger as straight as possible. Submerge your finger into the water leaving excess polish on the surface.

Step seven: blow on the surface of the water to dry the remaining polish and then remove excess polish with a cotton bud.

Step eight: remove the tape from your finger, remove any polish from your skin with a cotton bud and add a topcoat.

I didn’t clean my skin with polish remover just to make sure I didn’t ruin anything. I did however add a layer of Andrea Fulerton’s Micro Glitter to add a tiny bit of sparkle. I would have preferred a little more but as the marbling is quite elaborate as it is, I didn’t want to go over the top.

There are plenty of videos out there that show you how to do it and if you’ve never done it before I recommend you watch on of those and also read my post on realistic expectations. My nails are nowhere near perfect and this was my fourth attempt at them so take your time, do some research and have a play this Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “Festive Water Marbling Nail Art featuring OPI, Models Own, Barry M and Andrea Fulerton

  1. suzy farrell says:

    I want to try this, but I fear failure. I think I’ll wait for a Saturday when I have loads of time. That way if it takes me forever, at least I’ll have the rest of the day.

  2. carla ashley says:

    i’m so impressed! definitely more work than what i’m used to doing with my nails, but i’ll have to try this on a day when i’m feeling brave! xo

    Carla (www.theprettydish.com)

  3. […] you’ve read my Festive Water Marbling Nail Art post, you will see that I used the Models Own Golden Green from the Beetlejuice collection as one […]

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