30 Days of Christmas Shopping: Day 30, Last Minute Shopping Suggestions

So it’s finally here. Day 30 of my 30 Days of Christmas Shopping gift guide. And you know what that means. It means that Christmas is in two days! If you’re still running around shopping remember to take a deep breath, calm down and that Westfield Shopping Centre is open until midnight tonight and then if you’re really desperate you still have tomorrow. Today I’m going to do a medley of last minute stocking fillers and gifts that are easy to pick up but are better than a pair of socks. So here we go.

Nail Polish

If you know me and if you read my blog you’ll know I love nail polish. It’s also a great gift for the lady in your life. There are some great brands available on the high street and a quick tip for you, Tangerine is the new colour to be had! I’ll show you some of my favourites and where you can buy them.

Barry M

Barry M has a wide range of colours available and they are super cheap without skimping on quality. Great for younger sisters or nieces you can’t really go wrong. I would recommend the foil collection – you can see more details here – as the polish is great quality, it’s a bit different and they just feel a little bit more special. You can find Barry M in pretty much all Superdrugs and Boots.

Andrea Fulerton

I love Andrea Fulerton products and her trio nail polish range is amazing. I personally love the rain fall – you can see more details here – but whichever one you get the recipient will be amazed and in love with the outcome. Once again, Andrea Fulerton won’t break the bank and can be found in large Superdrug stores.


OPI is a staple in most girls’ nail collection and they just keep coming out with gorgeous colours. They’re a bit more expensive than the others at £10.50 for the standard range but well worth it. There are so many products to choose from that it’s hard to pin point one but William Tell Me About It, the Muppets collection and Y’all Come Back Ya Hear? are great starting points. It’s a brand that older generations will also know and trust so you can feel happy knowing that you’re giving them something they’ll love. You can pick them up from Liberty, Selfridges and other independent boutiques.


My last suggestion for nail polish is Chanel. Which girl wouldn’t want a bit of Chanel at Christmas? With their mat topcoat, infamous Peridot and Orange Fizz there’s something for everyone. A bit more of a push than the others at £12 -£18 a pop but well worth it. Can be purchased as large Boots and department stores.

Comedy DVDs

A great last minute buy is comedy DVDs. I love a good bit of stand up and so do most of my friends and family. If you’re really struggling for that last gift then why not pick up one of these? Each cost around £15.

Ross Noble

Who doesn’t love the crazy, hairy Geordie that is Ross Noble? Crazy tangential comedy with no purpose other than to make you laugh. Not for everyone but a complete hit if it’s your bag.

Sarah Millican

I personally love Sarah Millican and it’s great to have a female comedian head up the ranks again. But don’t worry; it’s not just comedy for the ladies. Her slightly self deprecating, slightly crude style will make everyone laugh.

Greg Davies

If you loved him in The Inbetweeners then you’ll love his stand up. Slightly fuzzier than his character from the show he still retains authority with his delivery.

There are plenty more out there so choose a favourite comic and go with it. It’ll be better than watching six hours of Eastenders on Christmas day!

Vinyl Blind Boxes

These are wicked and fun and super cheap. Any geek or child will love one of these. They’re sold in comic book shops, some toyshops and if you live in London, just walk around Covent Garden and you’ll find them (Kidrobot has loads of them). They range from £5-£15 and the nice thing is that you won’t even know what’s in the box until they open it.

Tokidoki Unicorn

Tokidoki always release a fun blind box and this year it was the Unicorn collection. There are ten to collect and they’re ridiculously cute. The nice thing about these is that they’re gender neutral and puts My Little Pony to shame.

Lunartik Cup of Tea mini series

These cute little cups of tea will put a smile on anyone’s face and even features a limited edition Mr. Tea which is super awesome. If you want to get one of these then I would hit up the Kidrobot store asap!

Azteca Dunny

For a Dunny with a certain je nais se quoi go for these Azteca Dunny. Intricately designed Aztec style vinyls that have a bit more of the wow factor. Great for any collector or just a one off.

So there we go. Just a couple of suggestions to help you avoid panic buying. I hope it’s a bit useful and you have my whole guide to help in this hour of need.

Happy Shopping!

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