Festive Nail Art: Simple Christmas Tree Design Using Tape

So it’s Christmas Eve and I’m sure you’ve all got parties and gatherings over the next couple days. You want to do something special with your nails but you don’t really have time. I have a great, simple design that you can do in minutes but still get some Christmas cheer from.

I saw this and thought it would be more complicated than it looked but to my delight it was so ridiculously simple that I thought I could share it today and you could get the benefit from it straight away.

So I started with my Models Own Bettlejuice Golden Green base and chose Barry M’s Red Glitter to form the body of the tree and Barry M’s Gold Foil for the tree topped.

So just a few simple steps to create a really nice, not too over the top nail design that will look polished and fun.

Get some scotch tape or masking tape and create a V shape on your chosen nail. Place the tip of the V a couple millimetres away from your cuticle and make the tape go to the corners of the nail tip.

Cut some very thin strips of the tape and put them in a criss-cross pattern going from the point of the V to the tip of the nail.

Take your chosen colour and paint all over the taped area.

Immediately remove the tape gently peeling off each stripe individually with tweezers.

Take your chosen colour for the tree decoration and use a dotter or a toothpick and just make a little circle at the tip of the tree.


Each nail takes about 3 minutes at most and the tricky part is cutting the thin stripes for the interior design.

My base colour had two layers to reach full opacity and the red glitter, which usually needs two or three coats to make it really stand out only needed one. I had painted my nails the day before but if you don’t have time for that then just make sure your base colour is dry enough to withstand the tape.

You can use any contrasting colours and obviously you don’t need glitter polishes but I just wanted a little more sparkle.

If you have jewels then you can use that as your tree decoration but I personally don’t like them so avoided it.

This looks great on a single nail and I would have ideally liked to keep it on my ring finger but to show you lucky lot how to do it I did my middle finger too. It’s just a really nice, subtle design that will catch the eye.

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One thought on “Festive Nail Art: Simple Christmas Tree Design Using Tape

  1. lorelei cook says:

    Im going to trynthat today

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