Models Own Beetlejuice Golden Green Nail Polish

If you’ve read my Festive Water Marbling Nail Art post, you will see that I used the Models Own Golden Green from the Beetlejuice collection as one of my rings. This week I decided to use the actual polish properly for the first time.

Models Own Beetlejuice collection has unsurprisingly been one of the hot sellers over the past couple of months. The shades are beautiful, different and have that apparent wonderful duochrome finish that everyone loves.

I got hold of the Golden Green by accident and I must say I was quite happy.

The application is fairly smooth and it’s really fast drying to the point that the polish dries on the on the brush. This does cause visible brush strokes but as the consistency of the polish is quite light you do have to apply two coats.


I applied a thin coat and as you can see from the picture it was quite translucent. The polish itself looked almost gold at this point and I must admit it did make me a bit nervous about the colour. It wasn’t an unpleasant colour it’s just not what I was expecting. Due to time constraints I left the single coat on for a day before applying a second coat and disappointingly it had already chipped. As the polish is so fast drying you can get away with a medium to thick coat on your first application but after trying this you will still need a second coat and it is still prone to chipping.

After the second coat the finish is less duochrome and more frosty. The green is a beautiful high gloss moss come olive green I’d call it and the gold shimmer is visible but a lot subtler than I thought it would be. You can still see brushstrokes on the nail but with the density of tiny golden shimmering glitter you won’t really notice much unless you’re looking for it.

The polish could stand a third coat or two fairly thick coats to get the full impact of the colour in all honesty. The great thing about this polish is that it’s actually really high quality (especially for £5) and the whole polish dries really quickly and not just to the touch. I usually paint my nails in the evening not long before bed and after opening some early Christmas presents, playing with my cat, getting changed and sleeping there are no depression marks.

There are two disappointing things for me with this polish: the fact that it chipped so quickly (I’ve just noticed a chip after painting the second coat yesterday) and that the colour was greener and less golden green. In the bottle the polish looks as if it could be a cheaper substitute for Chanel’s Peridot but in reality it’s just a really nice green polish.

I think I will get a lot of use from this polish and I think it’s a great polish for the festive season.  It’ll look great in the summer and would work really well on toes.

I can’t wait to try the other Beetlejuice colours but my expectations have been lowered slightly but for £5 how can I complain?

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2 thoughts on “Models Own Beetlejuice Golden Green Nail Polish

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