Essie Dive Bar review

I’m almost ashamed to admit it but until Christmas day, I had never owned an essie nail polish. I don’t know why but I just never got my hands on one. Luckily, my lovely boyfriend bought me Dive Bar for Christmas and my embarrassment can now be erased.

Dive Bar is described as a blackest blue with shimmer. I would rather say it’s a dark teal come navy with a beautiful teal shimmer. The colour in the bottle is very iridescent with tones of teal, turquoise and purple when you move it in the light. It makes it seem like you will have a really teal result with flashes of other shades but this is not the case as I will explain shortly.

The application is fairly smooth but not the easiest of polishes to manipulate. It dries really quickly so if you’ve painted most of the nail but have missed a sliver on the side and try to paint it, it will drag off polish from the pre-painted section. But as I say, it does dry really quickly so applying a second coat can be done fairly soon after the first coat so any mistakes can be hidden immediately.

Though two coats are sufficient coverage I would consider a third to get full opacity on the tips and to hide any streaks you may have caused during application – but that’s just me being a bit mental.

I am surprised that after a basecoat and two coat of colour in quick succession that I only ended up with on slight depression mark on the thumb nail. I think this just proves the quality and the ease of use. I’m extremely impressed.

Now on to the colour. When I first tested it out I was a little disappointed, it was dark and you couldn’t really see the shimmer. After a second coat and closer inspection you can see that the base colour is a deep teal and the shimmer, though subtle, does add extra green notes to the colour. In non-natural light you might be disappointed with this colour but whack it in the sun and you will see it for all its glory. It has a lovely shimmer finish and after the second (or third) coat has no visible brush strokes.

This polish will be great for evenings out, as a base for a simple glitter design and as a slightly more interesting alternative to black. If you’re looking to do a galaxy manicure or something along those lines, this would make an awesome base colour. After I’ve had time to admire it I now love it even more than I thought I would and I will be wearing it very often.

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6 thoughts on “Essie Dive Bar review

  1. suzy farrell says:

    I have this color too. I bought a shirt the same color slightly lighter and thought it would look great together. I agree with you, natural light shows this color off. Indoors, ehh – not so great. Great review.

  2. Love this colour *puts on shopping list*
    Great post 🙂

  3. ah dont be ashamed i only discovered essie a couple of months ago too but now i want them all! i’ve never seen this one before and i need it! so pretty XX

  4. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    It looks lovely! I do needs to get my hands on at least one Essie nail polish, I don’t own any…. yet!

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