Floracil from Gatineau – the perfect makeup remover for NYE

So I’m a bit of a Bah Humbug! kind of girl when it comes to New Years Eve so instead of doing a nail tutorial or talking about my makeup for the evening, I’m going to do a post on eye makeup remover – something that girls all around the world will need after the clock strikes midnight.

 I like heavy black eyeliner and I like mascara (usually waterproof) but I also have really sensitive eyes. I’m guilty of using makeup wipes and of just using a treated soap to wash it off but let’s face it; they rarely do the job properly.

So at the risk of sounding like an old woman or that I’m stuck in my ways, I always go back to Gatineau’s Floracil to fight the battle against panda eyes and looking ridiculously hung over in the morning.

Floracil is a very gentle, non-oily cleanser that soothes the eye as it has the same pH as you tears. It’s great at breaking down waterproof products and though you may need a couple pads per eye it will do the job and leave your eyes feeling fresh and clear.

I love Floracil. I’ve tried to fight it for years because my mum kept forcing it on me from an early age but now I have to admit that it’s the best eye makeup remover I’ve ever come across.

It’s not the cheapest eye makeup remover you’ll find ranging from £11-£35 depending where you buy it from but it’s well worth it.


Waterproof eyeliner

Upper line removed with three sweeps from a facial wipe, bottom line removed with three sweeps from Floracil

I’ve not been wearing makeup too often recently due to problems with my eyes but this works wonderfully as a soothing treatment. Just pop some on some cotton pads and rest them on your eyes as you would cucumber or teabags and let the camomile and cornflower do its thing to not only soothe irritation or cool but to help eliminate puffiness and dark circles.

So next time you’re planning some elaborate eye makeup or even if your eyes react badly to usual cleansers, give this a try.

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One thought on “Floracil from Gatineau – the perfect makeup remover for NYE

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Oh I do need to try this one!! Here goes my resolution to spend less 😉
    Great review!

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