Desperate times: Babiste Dry Shampoo Gold Shimmer

Last night we got to see our friend Damon, he lives in Boston and comes to London once in a blue moon – that’s a bit of a lie but I wasn’t well last time he was over – so it was super cool to see him. The down side was that boys being boys they gave me two hours notice with a to do list longer than my arm and not so pleasant hair. So after doing my chores I had 45 minutes to get showered, made up and dressed. With no time for hair washing I had to succumb to the dreaded dry shampoo, something that I’ve never got on with.

I have no idea how my hair was this bad after one day

I’ve been trying out the Ojon products my mum gave me for Christmas and it’s making my hair greasier a lot quicker – I’ll do a full write up soon – and I was quite unhappy when my hair was beyond concealment a day after washing. So with no time to wash, dry and straighten I had to rely on the can looming in my cupboard… Batiste Dry Shampoo Gold Shimmer.

I have tried this a couple times before and never really got on with it but thought I’d give it a go – desperate times and all that. And I hate to admit it but this time was OK.

Following the directions I shake, rattled and rolled, sprayed it all over my hair about a foot away from my head and massaged it in. Simple but I am yet to determine what “spray lightly” really means.

After massaging my hair with my fingertips, letting it rest and brushing out the excess my hair was in a better state than it was before but clean it was not, I would call it passable at best.

I yanked my hair into a ponytail and did my makeup and it was ok for the evening – not my best effort but decent enough for a couple of hours in a pub.

A couple notes:

  • It does not have a great scent. I was hoping that it not only made it look cleaner but also give it a fresher smell so people would be fooled but it didn’t.
  • I have fairly long hair so I had to use a lot of the spray it was really hard to get even coverage.
  • For some reason I got the glitter version – this was a poor choice. The glitter is ineffective on the hair almost making it look like dandruff and gets EVERYWHERE. It has shown me how much overspray there really is but my poor cat is now sparkly.
  • I could not have passed my hair off as clean and it certainly wouldn’t have done for a whole day’s wear.
  • I have had this can for about four months and I don’t think they do the Gold Shimmer version anymore. If they do bring it back in the summer or do another glitter version then stay clear – you’ll thank me for that one day.

Parting before use

After use - glitter looks a bit like dandruff

This product does work well for some but obviously not everyone. I would recommend buying a can (they’re only about £2.99 in Superdrug) and test it out yourself. They are good in complete emergencies but I will not use it unless completely necessary.

(Please excuse photos, they were taken with my front facing camera on my iPhone)

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4 thoughts on “Desperate times: Babiste Dry Shampoo Gold Shimmer

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Not a fan of the glitter either… but I did laugh at the thought of a sparkly cat!
    Thanks for the review

  2. Ahhhhh poot sparkly kitty. I have always wondered about dry shampoo and if it’s any good. I guess it’s just better to rock the greasy look. Maybe a handful of glitter on top would make it even better.

    • haha I have spoken to a couple people about this and they’ve said it worked really well for them but they do either have short hair or fine hair where I have long, thick hair. I washed it today and feel a lot less paranoid so I think I’m going to stick with your generic shampoo for now.
      The kitty did look rather glam though haha.

  3. “poot”? haha. meant “poor”

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