Deborah Lippmann, does it have the Razzle Dazzle?

Oh Glossybox, how the women of UK (and all the other countries you operate in) love you so. In December’s box you gifted us all with an absolute treat, a Deborah Lippmann nail polish. I had resisted to try it until now but a few days I took the plunge and used the now sort after lacquer to form my own opinions and boy have I formed my own opinions. As every woman and their dog have written a review of Deborah Lippmann’s Razzle Dazzle I shall keep mine brief but honest so let’s get down to business.

The application is pretty smooth and the lacquer acts almost like a wood stain. I know that’s a strange comparison but it seems thinner and more manageable than most polishes. It also means that the first coat is patchy and very translucent (as depicted above) but it does show you the true colour of the polish, which I will talk about shortly. The polish dries exceptionally quickly and seeing as I required three coats to get the desired colour this was a bonus. I must say though that this is a rather small bottle and three coats used a fair amount of polish so its £16 price tag is far dearer than I initially thought.

I was a little disappointed with the colour at first. In the bottle it almost looks black, which makes the red/purple glitter stand out, but once applied it is a deep mauve/wine and the glitter is far less impressive. Now, I must say that this isn’t entirely a negative. After applying the third coat and taking the time to appreciate the colour I realised that the glitter is less ostentatious and more glamorous so I actually quite like it now but it is nowhere near what I initially imagined.

The texture is a little odd for me. It dries to a very rough finish, which is to be expected as the polish is so thin and the glitter so dense, and it’s not really my cup of tea. I’m sure with a decent topcoat it will have a smoother finish but if like me you change your polish every few days it’s not really worth the hassle. The nice thing about this texture is that if you get any depression marks after painting, they are completely hidden.

The wear is pretty decent too. I’ve had it on for about three days and I’ve cleaned the kitchen, done three loads of washing up, cleaned the bathroom and juiced lemons by hand (that stung) and I’ve come out with a couple of tiny chips and one slightly bigger chip. One thing that is a bit frustrating is that some of the glitter has lost its colour and turned silver but it’s only noticeable if you’re a bit of a nut job like me. I’ve heard rumours that it can stain your nails but I’m hoping that that’s just if you haven’t used a base coat so we’ll see.

All in all it’s a good quality polish that has an unusual but elegant result. A bit pricey considering the amount I’ve had to use to achieve a desirable affect but I would definitely pick up more Deborah Lippmann polishes due to their uniqueness. I’m still torn as to whether I would 100% recommend it to a friend but it’s something I would mention and discuss.

Thank you for an interesting addition to my set Glossybox!

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6 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann, does it have the Razzle Dazzle?

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    It looks very elegant, I like this polish!

  2. I didn’t use a basecoat and didn’t have any problems with fingernail staining, I did notice the glitter turning silver as well!

  3. beastandbeauty says:

    Now I want to watch The Wizard of Oz. Shame we don’t get her range here in Australia….I love the girly polishes she releases. Bring on the glitter!

  4. Tina B says:

    Yes, in the bottle the color looks incredible but on the nails, just ok. I hate when that happens!

  5. hazyindublin says:

    I got this in the Glossybox too, looks lovely over a black base, but yes, very wishy washy on it’s own.

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