Soap and Glory’s Super-Colour Fabulipstick review

If you read my blog you’ll know that for my birthday I asked for Soap & Glory’s Super-Colour Fabulipstick. You’ll also know that the lovely people at Soap & Glory were kind enough to send me a box of goodies for me to try and review. Today’s post will be all about the three Fabulipsticks and very photo heavy.

I have pale but fairly full lips. I’m not really unhappy with the size of my lips but sometimes you just want a bit of umph. Soap & Glory’s collagen boosting lipstick sounded perfect. I have tried collagen lip balms before so I had some pre-existing expectations though this is the first time I would try one with such a heavy pigmentation.

When I opened the pretty pink box and found all three colours I was delighted but I was certain that at least one wouldn’t suit me – but we’ll get to that later.

The packaging is cute, eye-catching and a bit cheeky as always. The black case is simple and the bullet itself has an S&G logo carved into it making it that little bit more fun and special.

Taken after use (sorry, got a bit excited)

To my surprise the bullets all had a similar tone and aren’t strikingly different. The Naked Beige is a dark nude and the lightest of the three, Perfect Day is a dark beige with a heavy dusky pink tone and even the Red My Lips is very similar to the Naked Beige but with a really warm red tint.  This isn’t a bad thing as they all have fairly heavy pigmentation (for my skin tone at least) but aren’t harsh or ostentatious so can be used as an all day lipstick.

The lipstick has a very creamy texture making it a little bit heavy on the lip. Application is pretty smooth but does have a tiny bit of drag.

It’s a fairly heavy lipstick to wear but it’s comfortable and it is extremely moisturising (as advertised) so it doesn’t go against it.  The only downside I’ve found is that if you do have any flaky bits or slight dryness on the lips it becomes glaring obvious so make sure you condition your lips before use.

The collagen effect is subtle but long lasting. The lipstick itself lasts for a good four or five hours but even after removal you get a bitten lip effect for the next twelve hours or so – or at least I did.

The colours are very different on the skin than in the bullet. Surprisingly the Red My Lips has the heaviest pigmentation with Perfect Days coming in a close second.

Each colour has a nice, subtle sheen without any shimmer or glossiness giving it a great finish.

I was certain that Naked Beige wouldn’t suit me but the really warm tone and the fact that it’s a much more muted colour on the lips makes it a great staple lipstick to have in your handbag. Even on my pale skin it wasn’t too much of a contrast and a really easy colour to wear.

The Perfect Day has an even warmer tone and has a much rosier finish than the bullet leads you to believe. Though the pigmentation is slightly heavier than the Naked Beige it will still make a great daytime colour especially if you have slightly warmer or darker skin than me. The picture doesn’t really do it justice as it does have a bit more of a noticeable difference than this lets you believe.

The Red My Lips is by far my favourite. It’s a really wearable red and though the picture doesn’t do it justice it gives you a lovely, comfortable, retro look without being gaudy or drawing too much attention. It’s even muted enough to wear all day long if that’s your thing but personally I would leave it for the evening and pair it up with simple makeup.

Wearing the Red My Lips

I actually love these lipsticks. The colours are bold enough to be noticed but extremely wearable. The plumping effect is subtle but effective and the colour really helps give it an extra boost. Though I won’t ditch my lip balm it definitely keeps your lips moist and in good condition.

This is definitely going into my daily makeup routine and in my handbag. I know that I probably shouldn’t use it daily seeing as it’s a collagen boosting lipstick but it really is a great go to lipstick.

Thank you Soap and Glory!

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6 thoughts on “Soap and Glory’s Super-Colour Fabulipstick review

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Oh I like the Red My Lips one… and as usual the packaging is lovely in the typical Soap & Glory fashion!
    Must try it, great review as always!

  2. beastandbeauty says:

    I love these Lipsticks. Such a shame we don’t get them in Australia. I love the S&G shower gel I bought on my last venture into the city and I’d love to try more of their range, but it’s just too out of my price range. I will make an exception for these lipsticks and their gorgeous embossed logo if they ever arrive on Aussie shores. 🙂

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  4. […] reading a great review of Soap and Glory lipstick in Thoughts in Little Boxes (read here), I decided to bite the bullet (come on, you love my bad jokes) and buy a couple of them. […]

  5. Georgia says:

    Nice review! Its def on my to buy list this payday!

  6. […] a month ago I received a lovely gift box from Soap and Glory after noting that I was asking for the Fabulipsticks for my birthday. In this beautiful box I found (among other things) a 200ml pump of Peaches and […]

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