Andrea Fulerton’s Trio in Princess – be still my beating heart

I have fallen in love. I knew I loved Andrea Fulerton’s Trio Nail Polish range already but this is a whole different kind of love. Andrea Fulerton’s Princess Trio is my new best friend and life partner all while making me feel like a fifteen year old girl again.

This weekend I needed some retail therapy. My go to thing to buy at the moment is nail polish. So after some necessary shopping I stopped off in Superdrug and bought three Trio Nail Polishes: Foxy Lady, Petrol in Water and my new superstar Princess.

If you’re not familiar with Andrea Fulerton’s Trio range it’s pretty simple. In one small, double ended nail polish bottle you get two separate colours that can be worn on their own or layered to make a third. Great idea right?

Princess contains a 4.4ml bottle of a deep violet shimmer polish and a 4.4ml bottle of a vivid fuchsia shimmer polish. Both polishes are beautiful, vivacious colours that are perfect on their own. The purple is great for every day wear and will suit any mood and season. The pink is bright and lively and is a great pick me up and perfect for the summer.

The result of the layered colours is actually really dynamic. The fact that both polishes are shimmer based with dense glitter gives the mixed effect a great two tone almost duechrome finish. When I first applied it over the purple I didn’t notice much of a difference but after it dried and I saw it in natural light I noticed how much of a difference it makes. And it’s a big difference. The dark violet becomes a sort of electric purple making it a lot warmer and richer.


Now the application. It’s smooth, it’s even and it’s easy. The double ended bottle gives extra length to the brush making it really easy to apply and to stay neat. A single coat of each is enough for the layered finish and does provide the desired opacity. In my pictures I have a single coat of the pink and purple which is sufficient on short nails but any length would require two.

It’s not the longest lasting polish in the world, particularly if you don’t use a top coat but if you’re like me and like to change your polish at least once a week, it’s perfect. Or better yet, a single coat of purple for a few days and a layer of the pink for a couple extra days will get extra wear.

The only downside with this is that it’s not the most mature nail polish in the world. I am quite happy to wear it and even my mum was admiring it but it’s probably not something you’d want to be wearing in front of important clients (depending on your job obviously.

I love it. I honestly do. The pictures don’t to it justice and I keep looking at my hands to admire it.

You can buy Andrea Fulerton products from bigger Superdrug stores or online and for a £7.99 you’re getting a lot of varnish for your buck.

I can’t wait to try the other pairings and I recommend you guys get out there and try them too but for now… I’m off to paint my toes.

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4 thoughts on “Andrea Fulerton’s Trio in Princess – be still my beating heart

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Oh that’s brilliant (both the idea of a dual ended polish wand and the result!)

  2. beastandbeauty says:

    Great multi function product! I really love the colours too. Very cute!

    I’d love you to take part in the Valentine’s Blog Swap- Would love you to sign up!

  3. […] that. You may also know that I adore the Andrea Fulerton Trio sets as I’ve raved about them here and here. Today I will be telling about another one of these sets: the Foxy […]

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