Models Own at Westfield London? Someone call my bank…

Exciting news! I’m not usually one to post something without personal content but I’m very excited about something that was announced on Facebook yesterday. And it’s something that my boyfriend won’t be anywhere near as happy with as I am. 

Models Own are opening a Bottle Shop in Westfield London, Shepherds Bush! Oh the joy! The shopping centre is no more than 15 minutes away from me and it means I can buy all the nail polish I want!

Though some of my local Boots stock Models Own, they usually have a limited selection and more focused on cosmetics than nail polish. I’m also a little funny about purchasing nail polish and cosmetics online, particularly if they’re good value for money and the postage is almost as expensive as one of the products. With that in mind, this is perfect for me.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the whole Bettlejuice range, the metallic range, the pros and everything else.

Are you close by? What’s going to be your first purchase?

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2 thoughts on “Models Own at Westfield London? Someone call my bank…

  1. sheerglitz says:

    Jealous! I haven’t seen that in the states

  2. Dani Dutra says:

    Yikes, i shall stay away!

    I saw the Beetlejuice box to sell at River Island a while back, not sure they still have it!

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