Decleor’s Aroma Confort Hand Cream review

It’s been a while since I’ve done a hand cream post and after my recent skin problems I thought it was time to concentrate on moisturising again. Today I will be reviewing Decleor’s Aroma Confort. It’s a cream I’ve been using on and off for about three months and one that my mum and sister-in-law swear by.

This was taken before my hands were really affected and shows the starts of the cracking and the damaged skin

I’ve mentioned before that the winter weather dries out my skin and not only leaves them rough and scaly but also bright red and chapped… to the point of bleeding. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I had a really bad bout of extreme chapping over the past couple weeks that was not only unsightly and making me self-conscious but also incredibly painful. I used my Eucerin Intensive cream until the cuts started to heal and then as the skin was just scaly and would not soften up I switched to Decleor.

The Decleor Aroma Confort comes in the matte, yellow and purple packaging synonymous with Decleor. My mum gave the 50ml tube I’m currently using while I was in the hospital as a pick me up and it really did pick me up. Having that little bit of luxury in an otherwise dreary environment helped boost my moral no end.

One thing I always think of when someone says Decleor is scent. Each product has a unique and unforgettable fragrance and the Aroma Confort is no exception. Though milder than a lot of their products, it still has a beautiful floral smell. It smells like really rich lavender but without being overpowering. After the cream sinks in the scent becomes a lot subtler and more than wearable.

The texture of the cream is dreamy. It’s silky, glossy and rich. It’s just the right side of thick making it really easy to apply and really sheer. It absorbs into the skin really quickly and though your hands might be a little shiny after, it’s not greasy or sticky.

And the moment of truth… it works like a dream. Though I would not use it with open cuts on my hands (I’ve tried before and almost cried) it does a great job of hydrating and smoothing the skin. After a few days use, all my stubborn patches that would not shift using the Eucerin have all but disappeared and my skin feels softer and stronger.

Now, it is supposed to be an anti-aging cream that reduces age spots… I’m not that old yet and I guess it would put me off if I was purchasing it for myself but I guess you can’t start the anti-aging process too early.

Another downside is the price. The cheapest I’ve found it for is £14 for the 50ml bottle from House of Fraser. Now, for me I usually spend £10 or under on hand cream because I have to use so much and the bottles are usually at least 50% bigger. I imagine that if I used this as my sole hand cream it would last me roughly two months and luckily I have two tubes.

I do love it and maybe after a bit more use I’ll be able to justify the price but at the moment I think it’ll just have to be a treat or an intensive hand treatment… or wait until when mummy buys it for me again.


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