Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions – Chocolate Making Class

Valentine’s Day is coming up. A day of red hearts, cheap teddies and boiling resentment. I don’t particularly like Valentine’s Day and think of it in the same way I think of NYE – too much hype for a pretty average day. But being in a couple means that it’s an excuse to do something nice together or maybe get that present you forgot at Christmas or to form a united front against Valentine’s Day, all positive things. Who am I kidding? I love receiving presents (because I have the emotional maturity of a five year old) so sometimes Valentine’s can be ok, kind of. From now until the “big day” I will be making some gift suggestions to help you along… just in case you’re a bit stuck.

Today’s gift is making the ordinary a little bit more special.

Chocolate Making Class

Chocolates are the last minute go to present for pretty much everyone. It’s simple, it’s classic, it’s tasty but it’s pretty much all together predictable and doesn’t show much thought. Now, if you are the chocolate giving type or if you’re just looking for something fun, different and memorable then why not enrol you and your loved one on a chocolate making course? Not only will you be giving them the delicious treat but also get to spend time together and have something special to do and share. You could always take the class by yourself, make the chocolates and give them to your loved one as a special gift if you can’t find enough time together.

There are plenty of courses out there and they all range in price, time and product. Here are a few I found through a quick Google search (including William Curley).





I think that’s enough links for now and I think you get the point. There are plenty of places that have classes available and they make a great date. So what if you can’t do it on February 14th? Have a special weekend instead. And if chocolate isn’t your thing if it’s out of your price range then there are plenty of other courses like cake decoration courses, sushi making courses, vegan food making workshops and with most you’ll be learning a skill you’ll be able to use time and time again in the future. You can even go on a cupcake making course with Holly from Great British Bake Off – now that’s quite special.

So, who’s going to try something different this year?

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