January’s Glossybox is here!

I was planning on a different post for today but as I’ve just had a knock on the door I thought I’d tell you about my recent delivery – you’ve guessed it, my Glossybox has arrived. So stick with me and I’ll show you what I received this month with a quick overview of my instant reactions.

As it’s Valentine’s Day and with the Christmas break the January Glossybox arrived a week later than usual. Not ideal but making it a Valentine’s box more than makes up for it.

This month’s box is a beautiful, vivid hot pink with Glossyboxes usual matte finish. A folded card with a Valentine’s Day message and a competition has replaced the usual card that’s included in the box.  There’s a message on the back about the second limited edition box explaining this month’s theme. It’s a lovely concept and a nice change. I just have a few issues with the wording particularly the “THINK PINK”. I instantly associate that phrase with Breast Cancer Awareness and was hoping to find that some money from this month’s box was going to charity but alas, I was wrong. But that’s just me and it’s only a minor, minor detail.

Another nice little touch was a little Glossybox sweet that was included making it feel a little bit more friendly.

Now on to the products. In this special Valentine’s Day box I received:

A Skinny Eyeliner from Eyeko in plum – full size price £9.50 per pencil

I’m always looking for new eyeliners and I love that another full size pencil has been part of the box. The colour is nice but not really a shade I would usually go for but it actually works quite nicely as a softer alternative to black or brown. The extra long, tapered pencil does help with precision and makes it really comfortable in the hand. The downside of the pencil is that it’s not very soft. On my hand it felt a tiny bit scratchy so I tried it on my eye and I had to work it quite hard on the lid and it left my skin a bit red and a tiny bit sore but once it settled it was lovely. I will use it but I’ll probably have to warm it up a bit before applying. It’s a lovely texture once there is some colour on there it is easy to manipulate and smudge.

Body Moisturizer from FAB (the card says Body Wash with a picture of the moisturiser) – full size price £10.00

This is a decent sized sample. It’s about a fifth of a regular bottle and should last about a week. The moisturiser is quite concentrated so you don’t need excessive amounts and it sinks into your skin really quickly leaving no residue or greasiness. It’s fragrance free so you can really go to town and not smell like you smashed all the bottles in a perfumery and I just have to say I’m impressed so far. I’ve just applied some and you can see the difference in hydration and thus plumpness in the skin. Definite winner and something I’m going to buy in future.

Extra Firming Day Cream from Clarins – full size price £46.50

This bottle is a third of the size of the full sized product so you’re getting a whopping £15 worth of product in this sample. I’ve been thinking about getting a firming cream recently and I’ve been getting samples to try so this was a great product for me. I love Clarins anyway so it was a nice surprise and to get such a good quality and big name product was fantastic. I’ve put a quick application on and my skin does feel a bit tighter and even looks smoother and the texture is light and smooth. It does have a very heavy scent though. It’s very floral and it has given me a slight headache. It’s a shame because I really like the product but don’t know if I can cope with the smell.

Extra Firming Night Cream from Clarins – full size price £48

Again, great value with the 15ml size bottle but a little bit of a let down – hear me out. I know that they are two different products and that they will do different things but I would have preferred a different product to liven the box up a bit, just for variety’s sake. It’s not that I don’t acknowledge that this is a dream of a sample because it is; it’s just that a nice eye gel or an intensive hair mask or something would have been nice. I haven’t tried this yet but as soon as I do I’ll let you know. I have no doubt that it will be fabulous quality and I won’t miss the other dream product, but it was just my initial reaction.

Hybride Skin Perfecting primer – Dewy finish from Murad – full size price £29.00

Again, I am looking for a new primer so this product is a perfect sample for me. It’s a 5ml sample so worth roughly £5 and should have enough in there for about 2-3 weeks (depending how much you use and how often obviously). I haven’t tried this yet and I didn’t want to try it on the back of my hand and waste it so again, after I’ve tried it I’ll let you know what I think.

So there you have it. A fairly decent box and great value for money considering the £12.95 subscription fee. I’m waiting for my Latest in Beauty box, which should be here in a couple days so we’ll see how they match up.

What did you get in your box this month?

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3 thoughts on “January’s Glossybox is here!

  1. xo says:

    Ooh you did well with the Clarins samples!! x

  2. Tiffany says:

    I got the same this month

  3. Tina B says:

    Another sample box to be jealous of in the US! PS: love your nails in this post, what are you wearing??

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