January Nail Polish Haul

As it’s January 31st I thought I’d do a nail polish haul post. This is a post I hope my boyfriend doesn’t read for a change. I chose nail polish rather than general beauty stuffs because otherwise I’ll be sat here all day and I think you’d get bored. So here we go… 13 products in 31 days.

This is most of my nail polish collection. It’s not all of it because I can name at least 10 polishes that have gone walkies but you get the gist. My nail polish addiction is getting a bit out of hand but I’m not quite at the stage of admitting that I have a problem.

This month I have made 13 purchases and I have grouped them into brands to make photos a bit easier.

Barry M – a staple in my nail polish diet. This month I went for: Croc Effects 323, Tangerine 136, Yellow 134, Indigo 312, Cobalt Blue 291 and Vivid Purple 161. I’ve only tried three so far. The Croc, and the Yellow and Indigo. The Yellow on its own doesn’t suit me but with the nail art I did with the Indigo it looks great. And four days in, no chips.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Polish Trios – Petrol in the Water, Princess and Foxy Lady. I’ve tried Princess so far and LOVED it. I can’t wait to try the other two and know that I’ll use all of them a lot. A great thing about this polish is the application so give it a go if you haven’t already.

GOSH – Purple Haze 550. I haven’t tried this yet but loved the green undertones so had to buy it. I think it’ll be one of my go to for evening wear and for my toes.

Models Own Pro – Kiss My Brass 054. I’ve been looking for a nice copper for a while and when I saw this on sale on ASOS I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I haven’t used it yet but I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it and that my mum will want to nick it.

Paul and Joe – Oh, Holy Night 022. This is my first Paul and Joe polish and I already love the ornate bottle and dark turquoise. This too was on sale on ASOS and I couldn’t say no. I haven’t tried it yet but it has a thick consistency and a sturdy brush so I can’t wait to get it on.

POP – Jade Metal fifty. This is my first POP polish too. Again, ASOS sale has a lot of explaining to do but I loved the metallic green and the bottle. The applicator is super long and it has a very thin brush so we’ll see what it looks like when it goes on.

And I believe that that’s it. I have my eye on a couple other nail polishes particularly the Filthy Gorgeous range but I might have to tighten the purse strings a little.

Which one should I try on next? I’m thinking one of the metallics. What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “January Nail Polish Haul

  1. Jellie Bean says:

    Embrace your addiction it’s worthwhile, I love the vivid purple I may invest although I really shouldn’t lol

  2. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    I have the vivid purple, and I like it a lot!! Not that safe for work, but great on a night out! And as with all Barry M products, it’s a cinch to apply and stays chip free for a couple of days (can’t judge its staying power as I do my nails every other day)

  3. welshfifi88 says:

    I absolutely love the POP metallic green, it looks beautiful!! Please try this out next and post the results 🙂 out of interest what sort of price was it?

  4. daniejean20 says:

    I love your nail polish collection! I am not a huge nail polish wearer as I have this annoying habit of biting my nails. But your blog has given me inspiration to try and stop this bad habit once and for all so that I can wear some of these awesome colors showcased in your blog. Cobalt blue looks lovely!

  5. Tina B says:

    Oooo love this post…I am doing a search for Filthy Gorgeous right now since I’ve never heard of it and it sounds ever-so-intriguing 🙂

  6. Wow, what a great haul. Where do you *keep* all of your polishes? No, don’t tell me – little boxes?!

  7. […] my January nail polish haul I got my hands on my first Paul and Joe nail polish. I couldn’t resist it as it was on sale on […]

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