Latest in Beauty’s YOU 20 Years of Beauty box and the Little Box

Again, you’ll probably get two posts today as I received something in the post that I’m very excited about. And while I’m on the subject I’ll tell you about another service they offer which is pretty awesome. Today I received my first ever Latest in Beauty, Beauty Box. I missed out on buying YOU last week but I got in touch with them on Twitter and they were kind enough to let me buy a box anyway. This is their 20 Years of Beauty Greats box and it only cost £5.95 plus P&P.

So the boxed arrived and it looks neat but pretty standard. Can’t really complain and can’t really rave about it. But who really cares what the outer box looks like really?

The inner box is plain and simple. It’s a very pretty pink with no flash and now glitz. To be honest, when you’re only spending £5.95 on £55 worth of products, it’s more than acceptable to have a sturdy, plain but still pretty box. I’ve been getting increasingly infuriated with a particular beauty box brand that just spends my money on pretty packaging and giving free stuff to “more important bloggers” so it’s nice to have a simple box that doesn’t need to be ostentatious because you know you’re getting quality brands inside.

Inside it’s ram packed with goodies. There’s a lovely note from Jo Fairley from YOU telling you about each of the products and introducing a new brand.

Though the box is marginally smaller than my last Glossybox it’s definitely filled to the brim with products. There are eight in total and though some have one or two applications, some are a whopping great big sample that will last for ages.

One of the most exciting – both how it looks and the product itself – is the bareMinerals Original Foundation with brush. The packaging is really cute and it has about two weeks worth of product in there. There was an option of colour when making the purchase and for some reason I went for Light where I should have gone for the Fairly Light so it’s a tad too dark for me but I’ll give it a go as I’m currently using another mineral powder foundation.

The Lanolips Ointment is the smallest sample in the box and as it’s a sachet you’ll probably only get two applications out of it. However, as it’s such a versatile product it will give you the opportunity to try it on your lips, cuticles, chapped knuckles etc so it does the job it’s supposed to.

There’s a 20ml sample of Dr Nick Lowe’s Oil Control Day Cream. It’s a wonderful cream that’s light and makes a noticeable difference after the first application. As it is so light you don’t need to use much so the sample will last a pretty long time.

The Sisleya Global Anti-Age cream is a 5ml pot and the packaging is just wonderful. I love getting samples in mini pots and for a change this pot if completely full of product. The cream is very dense and you’ll only need a little each time so the 5ml should give you a few weeks worth of use. There’s even a little instruction leaflet in the box making it feel all the more like the actual product.

The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish with the muslin cloth makes this a complete winner of a box. A 30ml tube that will last you at least a month and a muslin cloth that will be your best friend. If you’ve not used this before then run to the shops and buy it. It’s one of my favourite products and I’m so pleased it was included in this box.

There are three Bamford products included in the box. Bamford is a new brand and I don’t know much about them but I’m sure I will once I’m done with the products. Included in the pack is a body lotion, body wash and bath oil. I feel like a pamper day is calling me after receiving this lot.

So that’s the beauty box. It’s not as flashy or glitzy as a Glossybox but it’s a box of good products in good sizes and it’s really good value for money. I like that you don’t have to sign up to a monthly subscription and can order a box if you want to. I like that I knew what was coming so I wasn’t disappointed when I opened it up and realised I got the mascara instead of the eye shadows or the body lotion instead of the nail polish. I just think it’s a great system and it’s a lot more user friendly.

Another great service that Latest in Beauty offers is a £1 sample pack called The Little Box. I got one of these a couple weeks ago and it’s an amazing idea.

You go online and choose three sample products from a list, you text them, they send you a code, you pop it in and they send you the products. A couple days later you have a little box with three samples at your door for £1. You can’t really argue with that when you’re paying anything from £5-£12 for 5 products.

I’m really impressed with Latest in Beauty and if you can I encourage giving them a go.

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13 thoughts on “Latest in Beauty’s YOU 20 Years of Beauty box and the Little Box

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    If only they delivered here in Ireland!

  2. xo says:

    I find with the bareMinerals foundation you can usually get away with using a shade too light/dark as it blends so easily!

  3. daniejean20 says:

    Do Latest in Beauty and Glossybox only deliver in the UK? I live in the States. Was wondering how much it would cost here in California if they were to deliver??

  4. Sarirah says:

    I’m a big fan of Latest in Beauty boxes and am looking forward to trying out all the products I got in the YOU box too. I haven’t tried their £1 sample boxes yet but it might be worth a try. 🙂

  5. Natasha says:

    wait when was this box available and for how long? i didn’t see it on their website 😦

  6. […] of you that haven’t tried Latest in Beauty. Try it. I can’t state this enough. I have had one beauty box and two little box from them so far and though it’s not flash or fancy they have good products […]

  7. martha says:

    ok, I’m orderind one 🙂

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