Peacock nail art… sort of

This will be a very quick post about some nail art I attempted during the week. It didn’t work out great but I thought I’d show you anyway because it gets the general idea across and someone on the tube stopped me to talk about it which has inspired me to do something else. So, yeah. It’s kind of pretty but now really what I intended.

So last week, I was in Holland Park and I saw the little fella pictured above. He was quite impressive and unbelievably beautiful. During the week I had painted my nails with the POP Jade Metal and thought it needed something extra so I decided to try a peacock design.

I took the Andrea Fulerton Petrol in the Water base colour, Barry M’s Gold Foil, Rimmel’s Green With Envy (which I don’t think they even sell anymore) and Essie’s Dive bar, grabbed some dotting tools and got to work.

I started out with the Petrol in the Water and made large dots on all of my nails except for the ring finger on my left hand using a large dotting tool. If you try this you’ll have to enlarge the dots using a circular motion and remember to clean the tool.

After the dots were dry I took the same dotting tool and made a smaller dot in the centre of each with the Gold Foil.

Once the dots were dry I took a smaller dotting tool and added the Green With Envy dots.

The last dots were made with the Dive Bar and I tried to keep them a little uneven to look a bit more like a peacocks feather.

As these dots are so small, I tried to take a bit of the Green With Envy and make a little spike into the Dive Bar but it didn’t really work.

On the ring finger I followed the same colour pattern and painted a bigger version using the nail polish brushes.

It’s kind of cute and it kind of works but it’s nowhere near what I envisioned. While I was on the tube a lady asked if they’re inspired by Pauas because “they look just like them” which 1. Is very flattering and 2. Has given me a brilliant idea.

What nail art are you thinking about trying?

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One thought on “Peacock nail art… sort of

  1. […] the little clocks you have to collect in the game. I used a similar technique as I did in my peacock nail design. I made a large circle using black polish and a large dotting too. Then a very fine dotting […]

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