Getting Creative with Barry M – Valentines Day Doodle Nails

This week I couldn’t really decide what type of nails to do. I was thinking maybe Wizard of Oz or Apple Mac (I’m seeing some Apple buddies this week so thought why not) but I finally settled on a semi Valentines nail. Ruled paper and doodles. All the polish I used was all Barry M and as I was at my parents’ house and forgot my brushes, it’s all done with dotting tools.

After my usual basecoat I started with a Barry M’s Matte White. As it can be a little streaky I used two medium coats, which it gave a really nice, even finish.

After allowing the nails to dry fully I used Barry M’s Turquoise and a fine dotting tool to draw horizontal lines across the nail. If you try to do this then first of all, it’s much easier with a fine brush and secondly try to keep them as evenly spread on the nail as possible. Four per fingernail is more than sufficient and five on the thumb.


To draw a margin I used Barry M’s Bright Red mixed with a touch of the Turquoise and the same dotting tool. To have the appearance of a straight line I curved it in towards the centre of the nail slightly. Again, if you try this, try to use a brush and work with the natural shape of your nail to form the optical illusion.


And now the fun bit. At school you were always a blue pen or black pen kind of person. I was always a blue pen so I chose Barry M’s Cobalt Blue as my main ink colour. For each nail I chose a doodle.


For my thumb I drew a simple “I HEART YOU”. For the heart I used a large dotting tool dipped in the Bright Red, made two dots and carefully pulled the polish down to a point.


On the other fingers I chose a game of noughts and crosses, a cupid’s heart and a “CC 4 MY” (my initials and my boyfriend’s).  I left my little finger blank so that the original base can be seen but you can paint whatever you wish.


Using dotting tools was hard. There’s very little fluidity and no reserve polish saved on the instrument so the lines end up jagged or thicker than intended. I did have to correct some mistakes (mostly on the noughts and crosses) with the Matte White, which could have been avoided with the correct tools.

This is a really fun, interesting and nostalgic piece of nail art but there are issues. I attempted to do my right hand but as I am right handed, it did not go well. I shall try to do the lines with tape at another time to see if it improves.

Barry M polish is great for nail art. It’s reasonably priced so you don’t mind using it, failing, removing and starting over again. It’s very good quality especially when you consider the price point. And there’s a whole rainbow of colours so you can really go wild with your designs.

What designs are you going for this Valentines?

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3 thoughts on “Getting Creative with Barry M – Valentines Day Doodle Nails

  1. Love it!! Can’t believe you did it all with dotting tools, that is dedication. I would have just left it until I could get hold of my brushes. Well done you!! x

  2. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Looks great! I admire your skills and your steady hands!

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