Leap Frog: my prince charming – a fairytale


I was having a bit of an off day on Wednesday. I lost my tablets, I was trying to edit my CV – a job that frustrates me beyond belief, and while shopping I slipped and fell hurting my knee and elbow. To give me a bit of a pick-me-up I decided to go to Lush and pick up a little goody to cheer me up. I’ve seen lots of write-ups about Leap Frog and thought that it would be the perfect remedy for the grumbles. I visited the Lush store on South Molton Street and not only picked up this great product but I was told a wonderful story.

On a cold, dark, winter’s night just before Christmas in 2010, a young woman called Pippa was wondering why her usually busy Lush store was empty. Suddenly her manager came in with an exciting proposition “Who wants a sneak peak into a new product?” Pippa’s manager said holding the never before seen product in her hand.

Pippa and her colleagues eagerly gathered around a bowl of water and the manager presented the new ballistic. After carefully dropping it into the water, the ballistic started to fizz and melt. Pippa could smell a wonderful fragrance and see the water change colour, but something didn’t seem right. Inside the ball was a little plastic bag. Pippa thought it was very strange as Lush would never do something like that.

After some encouragement from her manager, Pippa fished the strange, foreign object out of the water. Inside was a note that said, “TURN AROUND” and with the note was a ring. Pippa didn’t know what to think.

“Do as it says then!” Pippa’s manager yelped. And with that one, firm instruction Pippa turned around. Behind her was standing Vardan, her boyfriend.

“Will you marry me?” he asked and Pippa, of course, said, “Yes”.

I was so lucky to meet Pippa. She told me her story and was still really excited about everything that had happened and she explained how her now fiancé had approached her manager who had helped him get the manufacturing team involved and how they had all come to London to plan it.

It also explains why the Leap Frog or Frog Prince Bath Bomb (as he is usually named) is a special Valentine’s Day product and why each bomb has a special message inside – all thanks to a boy who was in love with a girl and wanted to make something ordinary, extraordinary.

Oh and it’s called Leap Frog this year because it’s a leap year and any girl can ask her beau to marry her – tick tock girls!

So you can imagine that when I came to use my Leap Frog I already had a warm fuzzy feeling. It helps that the bomb itself is really cute. A green, perching frog with bright red, puckered lips – perfect!

The bomb has been made with a very similar scent pallet to Chanel No 5. It’s quite floral but not overpowering and in a nice hot bath it just a really nice, relaxing, clean smell. The scent also lingers on your skin. I still had wafts of it a few hours later and the bathroom smelt beautiful for the rest of the day.

The bomb fizzes quickly and in less than 2 minutes it had disappeared. The lips are made with cocoa butter, which means the melt more slowly, and they make the bath really nourishing leaving your skin really soft and smooth.

I usually like bubbles in my bath because I’m a bit of a child but the vivid green colour and the silky texture the bomb gave to the water was luxurious enough that bubbles weren’t needed. And a great thing to note is that it doesn’t stain. I’ve found in the past some of their heavily coloured products leaving my skin a little pink but this left no traces after.

In each bomb is a message. Coincidently I had “MARRY ME” in mine, a message that can be found in very few frogs. It was a lovely little note to find making it a little bit more special.

This product is great and with Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s an awesome treat to give yourself just to be wrapped up in a fairytale. They won’t be available for long so get to the shops now and pick up a couple. You won’t regret it.

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6 thoughts on “Leap Frog: my prince charming – a fairytale

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Aww that’s such a cute story!!

  2. daniejean20 says:

    I love Lush products, and what a romantic tale! Thanks for sharing.

  3. This seems like the loveliest Lush product ever. Love the idea and the look of the frog! x

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