Paul and Joe: Oh, Holy Night – not the divine experience I was expecting

In my January nail polish haul I got my hands on my first Paul and Joe nail polish. I couldn’t resist it as it was on sale on ASOS and it’s a lovely dark turquoise colour and the bottle is beautiful. I waited for a while to try it and now I’m not too happy with it.

So I picked up the Oh Holy Night 022 in their ornamental range and it looks stunning. It’s a beautiful and unusual bottle with a flower design on the glass and it comes in a really pretty mint green box and it’s just beautiful. The polish looks like a dark turquoise come teal, which is right up my street, and it’s full of glitter, a substance I can’t resist. When I got it home I was really excited and it seemed to tick all the boxes but I was sadly mistaken.

Let’s talk about application. The applicator looks stumpy but the extra long neck of the bottle gives you something really stable to hold on to and gives you great control. Unlike most long applicators the brush is actually a very decent size. With both factors this polish is really easy to apply neatly and evenly.

The application itself is pretty smooth. The polish is quite thin and very translucent on application but it’s pretty even and doesn’t cause any streaks. A big downside is that it takes ages to dry. I painted my nails with a single coat 45 minutes before going out and when I got home I had depression makes and creasing. I painted a second coat and waited an hour (using a hairdryer too) and by the time I reached my destination, the tips on almost all of my nails had rubbed off and most of the nails had depression marks.

Not only does it not dry well but it’s also a funny texture. It’s not quite a crème, nor a jelly, nor a glass flecked, nor a suede or even a shimmer – it’s just a very unusual finish that I’ve never really experienced before.

Saying that, I took the pictures after a couple hours of wear and they are still pretty much the same a couples days on.

I think it’s a real shame because I love everything about this as a superficial product but part of me is really regretting the purchase. Maybe it’ll be useful at some point in the future but I’m pretty sure it’ll just sit in the box… looking pretty.

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5 thoughts on “Paul and Joe: Oh, Holy Night – not the divine experience I was expecting

  1. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    What a disappointment! Too bad quality is so poor as the colour is really pretty.

  2. sheerglitz says:


  3. Jen says:

    Such a gorgeous colour! Such a shame it didn’t dry properly-1 hour is far too long!

  4. May says:

    try using a good top coat. i’m wearing this color right now with essie quick dry top coat. it dried really quick and is really beautiful.

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