My Flu Survival Guide: Beauty Edition – Part Two

As I said earlier, I will be sharing some of my flu survival beauty tips with you today. These are just products that I’ve used to help my skin get over the dry, red hump that is flu face. I posted about the Mint Julip Lip Scrub earlier to help fight those flakey, red lips and now it’s onto that red, flakey nose.

Decleor’s Neroli Oil

My lovely mother bought me a bottle of Neroli Oil for Christmas. It’s a great product but I use it sparingly as 1) it’s very expensive and 2) it can leave my skin a bit oily. If like me you have normal to combination skin, the best time to apply the oil is after you’ve washed your face after you’ve been out in the cold and have some dryness on your cheeks, nose or chin or if your been in the sun and neglected to top up the sun block (naughty naughty). My brother, on the other hand, has very dry skin and applies it daily and can’t do without it. Some people who suffer from acne have said that it actually helps balance out the skin so everybody’s experience is different.

But, onto the flu survival tip. When I get a cold, my poor, sensitive skin goes haywire. As you can imagine my nose gets the brunt of the damage and I usually have very dry, very flakey, very angry skin. For years I’ve tried creams and balms and all manner of things to try and improve it but none have worked. Not until I used the Neroli.

Yesterday I applied literally one drop of Neroli to both nostrils and massaged it in until the oil had been absorbed into the skin. As my skin was so thirsty, there was no sign of greasiness or of excess product visible. I then applied my usual moisturiser and let it be. It also has a fairly strong scent that’s fairly floral with a hint of sandlewood that not only helps clear your nasal passages a little but is supposed to calm you and help the nervous system.

Less than 24 hours later, after getting caught in the wind and rain, consistently blowing my nose and even a nosebleed (sorry for the over share) my nose is smooth, almost back to its normal colour and 90% flake free. I actually can’t believe it. I always knew that Neroli was packed with healing oils but this is just outstanding.

The product is £43.00 per 15mls but it lasts forever and you only need a tiny amount. I recommend it to anyone who has dry skin, lives in a cold area or is prone to colds or hayfever.

I’m actually a little bit speechless.

Sorry I didn’t have a before and after picture, I thought that a picture of my nostrils was just pushing it a bit too far.

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