My flu survival kit: the beauty edition – part one

Good Sunday everyone. As you know, I have had the flu recently (thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes) and I’m now mostly over it. Unfortunately my face isn’t. Like with most colds and flu I have ended up with what appears to be nappy rash on my face. I have the deliciously flakey nose, the dry lips, the red lips, nose and cheeks, the dehydrated everything – I’ve just been a mess. Yesterday I used a few products to get me over the hump and throughout the day I will tell you about them – otherwise you’ll be sat here reading for hours.

First up is the Mint Julip Lip Scrub from Lush.

I’ve wanted to try this for a while. It looks, sounds and smells amazing. The lip scrubs come in three “flavours”: Mint Julip (a mint chocolate with vanilla), Bubble Gum (a really sweet, strong bubble gum like when you were at school) and Sweet Lips (a proper chocolate). I went for the Mint Julip purely because I can deal with mint at any time of the day – the other two, not so much.

It comes in a sweet little tub that holds a surprising amount of product in it. It’s small enough to fit in your handbag and looks just like a lip balm so if you are so inclined; you can get away with carrying this around with you.

The method of application is that you take some product, rub it over your lips to remove excess skin and any flakiness and then you lick it off as it’s made from caster sugar. Sounds yummy right?

I used about a fingertip full and applied it all over my dry, red, flakey lips. This was almost too much product and I actually worked it into the lips quite hard. Once it had partially dissolved I actually washed mine off. It’s not that it wasn’t tasty but that’s a lot of sugar and I had a lot of dead skin.

Lips before - I know, horrifying

Lips after use

The application was quick and easy and on the first go it left my lips softer, removed all the flakiness from my upper lip and all the dead skin from my bottom lip. My upper lip looked less sore and more alive. They even had a bit of plumpness to them – a result I did not expect.

Though it wasn’t a miracle cure and my lips were dry again after a couple of hours, it certainly helped and started the healing process. Even the dryness that came back was halved.

This is a great little product to have in your general beauty routine, as it will give you a great base for any lip product. But, if like me you’re suffering from flu face, this will work wonders for you.

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3 thoughts on “My flu survival kit: the beauty edition – part one

  1. invadingnola says:

    Will note that down!!

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