Bourjois Pop Up Boutique – Shoreditch

I have just got home from the Bourjois pop up boutique in Shoreditch. For London Fashion week, Bourjois opened a lovely little boutique on the top floor of Beach Blanket Babylon on Bethnal Green Road. The boutique offers manicures, makeovers and hairstyling, along with discounts up to 65% off.

All the products are displayed for you to try and you’re given a card to fill out with all of the products you wish to purchase. I walked away with 8 products for the minimal cost of £28!

The first 50 people through the doors were given a goodie bag full of lovely goodies and even an eye shadow I was considering purchasing so I was very happy with what I walked away with.

The boutique is a bit cramped and at 12.15pm the staff were a little bit flustered and a couple were almost rude. The manicure station only had one manicurist available and the makeover stations were already filled so all you could do was shop. But to be honest, there was a wide selection and seeing as you can potentially buy items for £3.50 each, I can’t really complain.


There were some exclusive products like these eyepencils but I was hoping to pick up a 1 Seconde Polish or Smile Enhancing Gloss but they were not available but I still walked away with two Ultra Shine polishes and a 3D Effect gloss (I will review all products at a later date) so I’m still pretty happy.

I walked away wishing I had bought more and I’m even considering going back this evening so if you are free this evening and in London, head over to Shoreditch before 8pm and pop in. You won’t regret it.

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