My Flu Survival Guide: Beauty Edition – Part Four

They often say that things come in threes – well you, you lucky sausages, I’m giving you one extra in my flu survival guide. There a lots of other products I’ve used over the past few days to try and get my skin back to normal but I have been telling you about the most essential, effective and surprising items that have helped me. My last one is an all over facemask.Oatifix from Lush

I love Lush facemasks. They’re fresh, you use them straight from the fridge and they work. I usually get an exfoliating facemask because I think it’s a wasted opportunity not to. So with all this in mind, along with my dry, drab, flu skin, I went for Oatifix.

Oatifix is made from bananas, oatmeal, almonds and other yummy ingredients that feed the face and moisturise it. Bananas are packed with vitamins and minerals so it’s not surprising that this mask is full of goodness but oatmeal also helps soothe irritated skin so it’s perfect for around the nose and mouth during or after a cold.

The first thing I was to say is that it smells delicious. As in it literally smells good enough to eat. With all the bananas and vanilla mixed with the starchy smell of oats and nuts, it just smells like banana cake. Just don’t eat it.

It’s a really thick, coarse mask in the pot. It’s actually a little bit hard to manipulate at first but after it’s warmed up a little it spreads really well. Unlike most masks the Oatifix actually melts onto the skin like butter (probably because it’s packed with butter) so it spreads quite thinly.  This is by no means a bad thing and in no way depletes from its effect.

So you’re supposed to leave it on for 5-10 minutes, I left it on for 15. After the wait time I washed it off with warm water and used a muslin cloth to remove stubborn, dried bits and I was left with soft, plump, smooth skin.

The tub has about 5-8 masks in it depending on how thickly or thinly you spread it. Seeing as it’s £5.75 and you know exactly what’s in it, you can’t really argue with it.

After my flu, it was the best thing for my skin. It’s definitely going to be a go to product too. And it’s inspired me to make a homemade hair mask… more to come about that later.

So have I missed one of your skin essentials?

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One thought on “My Flu Survival Guide: Beauty Edition – Part Four

  1. […] and end up with a couple overripe bananas that usually end up in the bin. After using Lush’s Oatifix facemask, the browning bananas in my kitchen gave me an idea; I can make a homemade hair mask. So that’s […]

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