Homemade Banana Hair Mask – it’s worked miracles

Bananas. We either love them or hate them. I’m definitely a lover of bananas – they’re full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and they smell amazing. But I always have bigger eyes than my tummy and end up with a couple overripe bananas that usually end up in the bin. After using Lush’s Oatifix facemask, the browning bananas in my kitchen gave me an idea; I can make a homemade hair mask. So that’s what I did.

I have quite dry hair. After years of dying, blow drying, straightening and everything else, I’m prone to split ends and frizz – lovely, I know. So I wanted to really pack a punch and put as much moisture into my hair as possible. I made too much so I’ll have to put the left over in the fridge and either for it on my boyfriend later or use it tomorrow, but this is what I used (feel free to halve).

Ingredients for 2 masks (or really long hair): 

2 bananas

1 egg white

2 tablespoons natural yogurt

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons honey


Mash bananas into a bowl; make sure not to leave too many chunks (I learned this the hard way). In a separate bowl or cup, whisk the eggs white – they don’t have to be like meringues but they do need some air in them. Add the egg white and other ingredients to the bananas and mix thoroughly.


Shampoo your hair with your regular shampoo. Rinse, towel dry and brush through.

Make sure you’re wearing either an old t-shirt or vest or something that’s just about to be washed and you don’t mind getting dirty because this can get a bit messy.

Completely cover your hair from root to tip with you hair mask. Get a disposable shower cap (like the ones you get in hotels) and put it over your hair, or if you’re like me and don’t have one wrap your head in cling film. Get a towel that you’re just about to wash and wrap it around your head to prevent any further dripping.

Make a cup of tea, get in the bath, read a book, put an episode of 30 Rock on, whatever you wish – you have 30 minutes to kill before you can wash it out.

When your 30 minutes are up rinse your hair to get most of the excess product out. Shampoo your hair and use a brush to force any chunks of banana out of your hair and rinse. If like me you still have some chunks in your hair gets a fine toothed comb, a rat-tail comb works perfectly, and run it through and give it a final, very light wash (I used a tiny amount of shampoo) – this is only necessary if you’ve not mashed the bananas properly.

I then dried my hair as usual but I didn’t use any leave in conditioners or styling products as normal. I just used a bit of heat protection spray and that’s it. After drying and straightening I was really impressed with the results.


My hair is shiny, it’s soft, it really shows off the cut, there’s no weight to it and it smells lovely. It’s actually turned out better than I could have dreamed it would.

Next time I have some overripe bananas I will definitely be doing this again. I just used whatever I had going in the house to whack on my hair and I think that if I removed the yogurt or the honey it wouldn’t have made a massive difference so why not give it a go? I’d love to hear about how yours turned out.

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32 thoughts on “Homemade Banana Hair Mask – it’s worked miracles

  1. k Elizabeth says:

    Nice! I need 2 remember 2 try this one. 🙂

  2. McMademoiselle Likes says:

    Oh I should try this one…. quite sure my thin-dry-frizzy-damaged-static hair will thank me!

  3. Oh. looks grat! I must try too! 🙂

  4. Definitely going to try this.

  5. I can’t wait to try this! My hair is as dry as the desert lol

  6. Chelle says:

    I have to try this banana hair mask. Your hair looks gorgeous!

  7. Jeannette says:

    Ok, so I thought this sounded great. But then I got chunks of banana stuck in my hair. I have been working on it for 3 hours now and there are still chunks. How do I get it out?!

    • As mentioned in the post, that can happen if the banana isn’t mashed enough – it happened to me the first time and it took me 45 minutes to wash it all out.
      If you use a fine toothed comb or a fine bristle brush (that will need a serious wash or may need to be thrown out depending on how coarse the banana is) it should work out all the banana. Some mini washes with very little shampoo also helps.
      As I say, this happened to me the first time but it’s all down to banana prep.

    • Duhhhhh says:

      Omg are you serious, you can’t figure it out….wow, helllllo

  8. […] made me stress out meaning it probably will). With that in mind, I remembered how much my homemade hair mask worked a few months ago. As I didn’t have time to do one from scratch, I thought I’d […]

  9. haley says:

    it was soo hard to take the banana out of my hair! omg! my hair looks shiny but still dry! i probably damage it MORE then helping it trying to take the banana out 😦

  10. Radhika says:

    can I use this hair mask without white egg….????

  11. jade says:

    you guys should use an elecric mixer to make the paste completely smooth. This way you won’t have bits of banana left in your hair! Banana is my favorite ingredient for hair masks as well! It’s just the best!

  12. Felicia says:

    would it be better if the bananas were blended?

  13. the banana chunks got me too girl. When I made mine I used mayo, aloe vera juice, honey, almond coconut milk, and olive oil along with it. I had to wash my hair thoroughly to afterward, but my hair did like the results. Very shiny and soft. I am going to purchase some yogurt and some eggs too.

  14. ishaa says:

    hi i am suffering from horrible hair fall since 2 years tried so many things but nothing worked

  15. Shea says:

    Would just like to say I threw all the ingredients in my magic bullet mixer and then put it in my hair. Worked great and rinsed out easily. Thanks!!

  16. rock-a-bye says:

    duuude my hair gets sososooo frizzy and annoying no matter what i do!! It drives me crazzzy O.o does this really work, and since my haiir is naturally prettty straight I probs. wouldnt have to straten it riight??

  17. Edo says:

    Do not put this crap in your hair. It left my hair feeling like straw and yet oily at the same time. Just spent 30 mins over the kitchen sink trying get this nasty oil stuff out of my hair. I have fine non color treated straight hair. I’m sorry but this just didn’t work for my hair type.

  18. Crystal says:

    If you have oily hair use an egg white, for dry hair use just the yolk and for normal hair just use the whole egg

  19. Mehgan says:

    any way you could do this mix without the olive oil? Or change substitute it for sunflower oil?

  20. ankita says:

    will I GET white hair if a use banana?????

  21. soni princess says:

    can i wash my hairs with shampoo after applying this …

  22. Laila says:

    Can I use any other yogurt?

  23. Laya says:

    To avoid banana Chunks, I always like to blend the banana once (not too much ) in a blender.

  24. joan lg says:

    can i use coconut oil instead of olive?

  25. tejasrichowdary says:

    very nice hair mask

  26. Sunaina says:

    I used it today& it has amazing effects…Blend rape bananas,then you won’t have any promblem.

  27. Sarah says:

    This hair mask is FANTASTIC! It made my hair soft, shiny, and healthy looking within one use. Since I originally tried this, I have use this hair mask at least once a week and my hair looks amazing! I added some lemon juice to lighten my hair a bit. Also, make sure you blend the mixture before you put it on your hair and you don’t have to fight the banana chunks

  28. Daphne $ says:

    I know my comment is crazy late, but I used the Gerber banana only baby food in my mix and saved myself some elbow grease. No chunks whatsoever.

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