You know you’re a heartbreaker – Foxy Lady from Andrea Fulerton

If you’ve read this blog you’ll know that I’m a nail polish nut. I love the stuff and I have more than enough to last me a lifetime – just don’t tell my boyfriend that. You may also know that I adore the Andrea Fulerton Trio sets as I’ve raved about them here and here. Today I will be telling about another one of these sets: the Foxy Lady.

If you’re not familiar with Andrea Fulerton, she’s a celebrity nail technician and has a full range of polishes available at big Superdrug stores. The Trio sets are a pretty simple concept; you get two 4.4ml bottles of polish that can either be worn on their own or layered to make a third colour. Simple!

I won’t go through the packaging and applicators as I’ve written about it before so please have a look at my other reviews if you’re interested.

The Foxy Lady comprises of a metallic copper polish and a glass flecked dusky lilac with turquoise and lilac extra fine glitter. I must admit, it was the dusky lilac and turquoise that drew me to this product as it looked almost otherworldly or aquatic but copper isn’t really my thing but I was intrigued about how they would go together.

The application, like always, is smooth, even and it dries really quickly. Due to the nature of the metallic polish, you do get some subtle brushstrokes but it’s what you expect from this kind of polish. It’s just a really lovely, creamy polish to apply.

Index finger: copper, Middle finger: layered, Ring finger: 2 coats of lilac

The copper goes on opaque with one coat and it has a really nice colour to it. It doesn’t particularly suit me and makes my fingers look a bit stumpy but it is a lovely colour and it would look fabulous on the right person. To make the colour really pop I would recommend two coats but as I say, it’s more than wearable with one.

The dusky lilac is beautiful. The application is really smooth and there are absolutely no signs of brushstrokes. You do need at least two coats for any form of opacity but it too dries really quickly.  The little flecks of turquoise and lilac are quite eye catching and form a very subtle iridescent quality. This will look great over other colours and I can’t wait to try it.

I tried two different applications of layering. I did a heavy layer of the lilac that resulted in a much warmer lilac with a duochrome effect from the copper. It makes the lilac even more purple and lighter and makes the colour pop. You can even see the shimmery turquoise and lilac more clearly. I also applied a very thin coat of the lilac to the copper on my right hand. This allowed the copper to be the dominant colour but muted it so, for me at least, it became more wearable. You still get the shimmer from the topcoat but it’s far subtler. This will be a great colour for summer evenings and the odd sophisticated soiree.

I have been wearing this polish for four days and the tips of the nails have started to wear. I actually found a chip on one nail the day after application but so far, that’s the only one. If you apply two coats of the copper and the dusky lilac, I imagine you’d get a good four-five days wear before any damage would be done.

This isn’t really my colour but I do appreciate how lovely it could be on the right person. The lilac is beautiful and I will happily wear it on its own or as a thick layer over the copper. It’s not my favourite Trio so far but it’s still excellent quality.


After posting this I did a quick search to see if anybody else has reviewed this product and I found a diagram of the application that clearly shows that you should be apply the copper over the lilac (I also found two other reviews and both have done the same application as me so I’m not THAT dumb).

"Correct" application on ring finger - note general wear after 4 days

I’ve now applied a layer of the copper over my lilac nail and once again it has a completely different effect. The finish is definitely more metallic with the turquoise and lilac peaking through though barely visable. It does have a lovely, warm, brassy purple colour with a lot of shimmer and it is a very wearable colour for me. I still prefer the other layering effect as it shows more of the turquoise and lilac shimmer but it does mean that you get four colours out of this trio rather than three.

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3 thoughts on “You know you’re a heartbreaker – Foxy Lady from Andrea Fulerton

  1. Jordan says:

    this is really pretty! thanks for the comment xx
    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  2. BIG thank you – I love my Trio range its so unique and easy to use
    Andrea x

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