A Great Kisser for moi? Soap and Glory’s new lip balm

I have been trying to concentrate on my lip care recently. With the bold lip being the makeup must have at the moment, lip care and condition is very important. The fact that I’ve recently gone lipgloss crazy recently has nothing to do with it… I promise. With this in mind I’ve been trying lots of different lip treatments and I was really happy when this little ditty landed on my lap.

Soap and Glory recently released a new Lip Moisture Balm called A Great Kisser. It comes in Chocolate Cherry, Sweet Coconut and Juicy Peach. I have the Juicy Peach, which is a lovely soft, peachy coral colour that adds a lovely warm sheen to your lips. And it doesn’t taste half bad too – a great plus point when you’re wearing it all day. It does smell like something from my childhood but I can’t place my finger on it but it just makes it that little bit more nostalgic for me.

The texture of this product is quite special. I’ve not seen a tinned lip balm that reacts like this before. They’re usually either too hard and you have to work hard to get any product out or really soft and you end up with a very sticky, messy finger. A Great Kisser is a solid balm that melts instantly when your skin makes contact with it. It’s a lot thicker than most balms I’ve used and I think Soap and Glory have described it perfectly: “it’s not too waxy, not too slippery, not too greasy, not too sticky. In fact, it’s just right” because that’s what it is. As soon as you put it on your lips feel moisturised (it’s packed with natural oils and fruity goodness), healthy, and a little bit pouty but all together natural.

I love the fact that it makes you look as though you’re wearing a good quality, clear lipgloss too. Many lip balms look drab or disappear pretty much instantly after application but this gives you a great shine for a long time making it a bit more glam than your usual chapstick.

I’m not usually fond of tinned lip balms. I don’t particularly like putting my hands on the product and then my mouth unless my hands are super clean. BUT as this product does last so long between applications it will be something that I’ll happily keep in my bag and whip out after a trip to the loo and a good hand washing – though you won’t see me using it on public transport.

The packaging, as always, is cute, cheeky and pretty. It’s a gorgeous peach colour with pink rings and the other flavours have different colours matching their theme.  It’s also a really big tin – £5 for 18g – that will last you a really long time.

My only down side is that it’s a tinned balm but that’s just my personal fear of germs otherwise it’s lovely. I actually really want the other flavours just to test them out and so that I can smell a different flavour each day.

You can pick them up now at your local Boots or online.

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes. All views have been my own unless stated otherwise.

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