Impulse and Barry M team up again in 2012

I don’t know about you but I haven’t used Impulse since I was at school and even acknowledging that fact makes me feel really old. I am very much a simple deodorant girl and I don’t particularly like strong smells as they give me a headache. The other day in Superdrug I noticed that they were running a promotion with a can of Impulse and a Limited Edition Barry M lipgloss for £3. Always one for a bargain and for something shiny, I picked one up and skipped home.

There are two varieties to choose from the Impulse Tease with a Nearly Nude Barry M lipgloss or the Impulse Very Pink with a Pale Pink Barry M lipgloss, which is the one I picked up. This seems to be the same promotion they were running last year but I didn’t see the Into Glamour with the Clear gloss so maybe they’re not running that combo this year.

Let’s start with the spray. As soon as I sprayed it it did take me back to my school days. It’s obviously a different formula and scent than it was back then but the instant smell of the aerosol and the whoosh of sweet perfume took me back to the changing rooms. It is surprisingly mild. It is very sweet and it lingers on the skin but it’s not overpowering and it’s very clean smelling. It’s not something I would wear on a daily basis but I will happily carry this in my handbag or leave it in my desk for those emergency moments.

The lipgloss is actually lovely. To be it looks like the new Strawberry Milkshake lipgloss but with more glitter and it smells like strawberry milkshake too. It is also quite similar to Pale Pink but has a much nicer scent. Either way it smells just like strawberry Nestquik and almost good enough to eat. The gloss has a very fine shimmer to it that really catches the light and the gloss itself goes on really sheer so it’s a great colour for everyday wear. It’s actually a really nice gloss. I’ve used a few Barry M glosses in the past and some have been a bit too sticky but this one’s pretty silky.

I was a bit disappointed when I went to Tescos and saw the Impulse spray for 97p but in all fairness the gloss should cost around £4.50 and usually the spray is around £1.99 so you’re still getting a pretty good deal for £3.

I’m glad I bought it because the gloss is actually really nice but I don’t think I’ll be buying Impulse regularly again.

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3 thoughts on “Impulse and Barry M team up again in 2012

  1. Nikki says:

    Impulse reminds me of school, too! We’d get excited about going into town on a Saturday and buying a new one, hahah. One of my favourites was the limited edition Spice Girls fragrance… God, I feel old.

    • Don’t. I realised that I last used Impulse 12 years ago. 12! I remember everyone spraying it into the caps and passing it around the locker room to see who had the best one not realising that they were all effectively the same. I don’t want to be this old lol.

  2. […] reviewed this Barry M gloss a few weeks ago. I got it with an Impulse spray for £3. It’s a lovely shimmery […]

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